A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is Cooling Your Summer With a Primed and Ready HVAC System

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has been battling the sun in the Lonestar State for forty years, with quality HVAC Systems.

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A-US Air Conditioning of Texas knows how to tame the heat and they're well-trained in keeping their customers’ HVAC Systems running smoothly.  

So, they want to ensure that each Texan is cool and comfortable this summer. That is why they have expanded their reach to offer preliminary tune-ups and a 24/7 emergency service to anyone in need.

Extended Reach

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas started out in Fort Worth and Dallas. However, the company has recently made the decision to expand.

Now, their service radius includes San Antonio, Tyler, Longview, Austin, Bryan/ College Station, and Wichita Falls.

A-Us Air Conditioning of Texas is proud to bring their four-decades of experience to these new areas. They have helped many families throughout the years and now, they have the resources to help even more per season.

News of the expansion also comes with the assurance that the company will have 40 qualified technicians within each area.

In the company’s experience, this is the only way they can ensure the timeliness and efficiency their customers expect.

Preliminary Tune-Ups

In addition to their fleet of technicians, A-Us Air Conditioning of Texas also offers preliminary tune-ups.

Tune-ups ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly and will continue to perform throughout the summer season.

After all, there’s nothing worse than an iffy HVAC system on a hot Texas day. Not only is the threat of an unmaintained HVAC system inconvenient, it’s dangerous and expensive.

What could’ve been an easy fix can quickly, and instantaneously turn into a major headache, which is worsened by the extreme heat.

Therefore, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is an advocate for scheduling fall and spring tune-ups. They don’t want to risk your family’s safety (and sanity) and you shouldn’t either.

Get your Spring Tune-Up Special today!

Emergency Service

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas also offers 24/7 emergency services, to everyone that lives within their service area.

Regardless of the day or time, calling their emergency hotline, 972-414-1658, will get a technician in route to your home within minutes.

After all, even the best-maintained HVAC systems can have the worst timing. Throughout their four decades of service A-US Air Conditioning of Texas understands that. That’s why their highly-qualified technicians are on call day and night, during the week and throughout the weekend.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas will never leave your family stranded until ‘business hours’ roll around. Life doesn’t stop after business hours but if your HVAC system does stop working, they're dedicated to getting you back to comfortably living your life.

To close, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is always available to offer exceptional, knowledgeable, and efficient service. That’s why they’ve been Fort Worth and Dallas’ go-to HVAC specialists for forty years.

For more information, or to schedule a tune-up, visit their website.

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