A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Explains the Importance of Twice-Yearly HVAC Checkups

Industry professionals express the importance of having HVAC checkups twice per year.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas

The HVAC unit in a home often goes unappreciated. This unit keeps families cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, the only time many people think about their HVAC unit is if there’s an issue. Unfortunately, by that time, it’s turned into a costly endeavor. When an HVAC system stops working, it isn’t long before the house it usually regulates becomes uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. So, HVAC systems should be checked before being turned on for the season. This practice helps ensure the system will be working properly when needed.

Fortunately, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is an advocate against the threat of under-appreciated HVAC systems. Long-time Texans themselves, this family-owned business has over four decades of experience in the heating and cooling industry. That’s why they’re confident in the importance of twice-yearly HVAC checkups.

Maintenance is Key

There are two temperature extremes every year. So, it makes sense that a routine checkup should be performed before each. Texans know the importance of a well-oiled machine and the concept is the same for an HVAC system.

Therefore, maintaining an HVAC system is key to sustaining the lifespan of a home's heating and cooling system. This is a simple process but an important one, both in functionality and longevity. Even if the HVAC system doesn’t show any signs of wear, there’s always a possibility that disaster is brewing internally.

HVAC Checkups

While much of the checkup involves cleaning, there’s a technique to knowing what to look for. Thus, A-US Air Conditioning technicians are trained professionals.

Components that are checked during the checkup include:  

Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps are essential to keep a house or office space warm and cool. Having proper service directly affects the efficiency. Having a defective heat pump causes the HVAC to work harder, which increases energy bills.


Furnaces can be intimidating. They're hot. They're loud. And overall, they look complicated. However, an unmaintained furnace leads to the inability of producing enough heat, noisy operation and vast temperature changes. Checking the furnace twice annually is the key to success. This alleviates more costly, immediate repairs and replacements.

Air conditioning:

A well-maintained air conditioning unit becomes a necessity when facing the unmerciful wrath of a Texas summer. For business or home use, it's essential to have a cool environment to keep customers and families comfortable. Heat makes everything worse. So, ensuring cold air is going to fill a stuffy house or office building puts everyone's mind at ease.

Air ducts:

Air ducts ventilate air from the HVAC device throughout the home or office. Without proper maintenance, the air we breathe becomes tainted. Ventilation is essential to safety. Therefore, air ducts are checked keenly during every checkup. A clean and debris-free air duct means a healthy airflow within the home.

Emergency Service

A-US Air Conditioning understands that sometimes things happen that are out of the homeowner's control, so they have a hotline that runs 24/7 to accommodate customers. This hotline is free. Day or night, A-US Air Conditioning will have a technician sent out when needed. The number for this hotline is (972) 414-1658.

To close, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is dedicated to helping fellow Texans get the HVAC service they need. Therefore, each spring and fall, this company offers discounts on their checkups to ensure homeowners understand this maintenance need.

To schedule a checkup, visit the A-US Air Conditioning of Texas website.

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