A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Expands to New Areas

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When that Texas summer heat creeps up, there isn’t really anything more important than being able to trust your Air Conditioning system. A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is the company to call when heating and cooling equipment need to be fixed or maintained quickly and properly. With over 40 years of experience, this family owned and operated company puts the customer first.

A-US employs more than 40 technicians in the DFW area so they can respond to your call when it comes in. Not only can these techs be on-site quickly, but A-US doesn’t charge overtime or emergency fees.

Even better, A-US is now expanding into 6 new markets: San Antonio, Longview, Tyler, Austin, Bryan/College Station, and Wichita Falls. A-US looks forward to bringing their exceptional brand of service to these new markets, taking care of even more customers’ needs.

Additionally, A-US is now offering new preventative maintenance packages for the forward-thinking customer. This will help keep A.C. systems working longer and when needed.

A-US Services

Air Conditioning: A-US can diagnose the customer's air conditioner's problems and quickly let you know if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. A-US techs have the skills and equipment to deal with any air conditioning issues that may be encountered.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are essential to the proper function of your heating and cooling systems. If these pumps fail, the system won’t be able to move around the hot or cold air it needs to function and keep your house comfortable. A-US can figure out if your heat pumps have failed and deal with the issue.

Furnaces: The last thing wanted in the middle of winter is a dead or dying furnace. A-US can make sure a customer's furnace is ready for the winter months, or can quickly install a new furnace if need be.

Installations: Not all HVAC systems can be repaired. Sometimes they are just too old and worn down for repair to be a real option. When it gets to this point, A-US can be there with knowledgeable technicians who advise on what options are available and which ones will work best for the customer's needs.

Air Duct Problems: If your HVAC system is the heart, the vents are the veins bringing hot or cool air to a house as needed. If these vents are blocked, damaged, or badly installed, an HVAC system will struggle to keep up. A-US can check to make sure vents are in good shape and not hindering the HVAC system.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas maintains a wide array of equipment and models, so they can do the job right for their customers. They boast a 90 percent repeat customer rate and offer discounts to seniors and military personnel/veterans.

A-US frequently leaves customers satisfied with their quick response, their work ethic and dedication to finishing the job, and their willingness to stay late to finish the job. It’s no wonder A-US is one of the leading HVAC companies throughout the state of Texas.

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