A-US Air Conditioning of Texas Expands to More Markets; Emphasizing Customers' Needs First

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Launching locations in six additional markets in San Antonio, Austin, Bryan/College Station, Wichita Falls, Longview, and Tyler, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas plans to have additional crews to service customers.​

Putting customers first has always been a priority for A-US Air Conditioning of Texas. From providing quality customer service to offering the best HVAC products, the company has set the bar for heating and cooling servicing.

They have been striving to build healthy relationships with customers for the past four decades. The family owned and operated business has turned into one of the truly reputable HVAC companies in the state of Texas.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas has been paying particular attention to putting their customers' priorities ahead of everything else. This action also goes towards placing urgency in emergency calls during a hot summer day or chilly fall night. Whatever the situation, they are available to provide emergency assistance.

One essential reason why the HVAC company continues to be successful in the Fort Worth area is their ability to adapt. Every day is a new challenge or hurdle when it comes to a customer call. One day could be replacing an air conditioning unit for a home. Another day could be replacing the heating unit of a large business.

A successful company always continues to mold into the customer's ever-changing wants and needs. If they fail to adapt, they lose business to the competitors.

Providing Holiday And Evening Availability

One way of A-US Air Conditioning of Texas adapting is implementing a 24/7 service phone line for emergency calls. A customer can reach one of the 40 technicians for immediate assistance and response. This service sets the company apart from their competitors.

Many would assume this is standard practice when it comes to service companies, but A-US Air Conditioning of Texas offers holiday and overnight service.

For example, a customer was experiencing furnace problems on Christmas Day. While the winters aren't as harsh in Texas as they are in northern states, it still can be chilly. The customer was able to reach a staff member and have their issue diagnosed and resolved that night. Service provided this promptly would not come from other companies. Many are not open on holidays, and the problem may have to wait until the next business day.

Expansion of Operations to More Markets

The company can handle holiday situations and large call volume because of their recent extension of operations. Their technicians in all operation areas have decades of experience in the HVAC industry. Once a call comes in, the early diagnosis of the problem starts. Then, once on scene, they can figure out the right cause of action to remedy the issue.

Another aspect of A-US Air Conditioning of Texas that sets them apart from other companies is their respect for the customer's dollars. In certain situations, businesses might charge an overtime fee or emergency charges. But not A-US Air Conditioning. No fees for extra work needed or arriving at irregular hours of the day.

It's no surprise that the company holds a repeat customer rate of 90 percent. Customers realize they will not get the same personal touch and assistance anywhere else. Many customers have relied on A-US Air Conditioning of Texas for years.

"With our technicians, we stress to pay attention to every little detail when it comes to handling a customer's call," says a company spokesperson. "Also, our technician will stay on-site until the job is complete. If parts have to come in, the technician will return the next day to finish the job."

Treating customers like family is what has set A-US Air Conditioning of Texas the staple of the HVAC industry for decades. The tradition will continue as customers call on for assistance.

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