A Tasteful New Authority is Reinventing Our Approach to Sex: Introducing PleasureBase

PleasureBase, the world's first sexual wellness aggregator and price comparison marketplace, is proud to announce features such as qualified educational content, alongside industry-leading pleasure products and reviews from around the web in one trusted spot.

PleasureBase - Sexual Wellness

PleasureBase understands that sex can seem complex, which is why they've created a tasteful platform equipped with informative guides, educational insights and leading advice from highly regarded and well renowned Sexperts, Sexologists and Sex Therapists.

With the aim of normalizing conversation around physical connection, self-love and sexual health, PleasureBase exists to stamp out any negative stigma and instead help people of every age, gender and orientation on their journey of sexual exploration.

Empowering us to better understand sexual health, sexual pleasure and make decisions when shopping for pleasure products, PleasureBase was created to assist us all on a journey that has, for too long, been overwhelming and intimidating.

Sex Therapist Isiah McKimmie is a regular contributor to PleasureBase and welcomes the introduction of a premium marketplace that is both a source of information and offers a high standard of product selection. "As one of the most normal and natural acts to us all, it's about time conversations about sex are open, honest and easy. It's hard to believe PleasureBase is the first to offer such a service and I'm pleased to be a part of it," she says.

Providing a curated collection of the most loved and trusted brands and products, the PleasureBase pioneering cost comparison technology also gives it the ability to present the best price for any item and, coupled with its unique retailer certification system, is set to become the Gold Standard for sex based shopping.

The PleasureBase Certification process ensures each retail partner has been carefully and independently evaluated and is allocated a score based on core pillars of customer experience - including safety, delivery speed, discretion, customer support, returns policies, payment options and more.

In addition, PleasureBase provides brands and retailers with a seamless and supported marketplace to sell their body-safe pleasure products, allowing for instant access to a global audience, greater online visibility, and increased sales. Think Amazon for pleasure products.

As a brand, listing on their marketplace allows you to enjoy accelerated growth at no extra cost, so you can focus on creating the best pleasure products while leaving the marketing and sales to them.

PleasureBase is here to reinvent sexual health and wellness - creating a healthier, happier sexual landscape for everyone by equipping us with a deep knowledge and understanding while connecting us with physical tools to create sexual confidence.

Discover more at www.pleasurebase.com.

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PleasureBase is the world's first sexual wellness aggregator and price comparison marketplace, featuring the most popular body-safe pleasure products from around the web in one trusted spot, alongside educational content curated by qualified experts.

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