A Strong Team For Archiving Compliance: Chronos And E.siqia

An integrated solution of database archiving and electronic signatures of database contents deliver the maximum level of security

CSP GmbH & KG has entered into a partnership with the electronic signature specialist e.siqia technologies gmbh, Berlin. The core of this cooperation is the integration of the database archiving solution Chronos with the time stamp and signature solution from e.siqia, which will now enable the integrity of database contents to be represented more evidentially. This allows the regulations contained within the GdpDU (principles of data access and auditing of digital documents) and GOB (principles of correct accounting) to also be implemented in a legally compliant way when dealing with database contents. Amongst other things, the solution from e.siqia clearly identifies which data the time stamp and signature refer to and whether the signed data is unchanged. Using the archiving and subsequent signature of the created archive files with time stamps, the Chronos user achieves a continuously verifiable, audit-proof storage process for database contents.

Stefan Brandl, Product Manager for Database Archiving at CSP, commented: "The digital signatures now round off the characteristics of Chronos in terms of content authentication and the long-term availability of database contents. Our users achieve in this way a maximum level of security and the best possible functionality for fulfilling compliance requirements - with a manipulation of database contents being excluded. It was especially important for us to gain a partner in e.siqia who exclusively offer certified and accredited application components. In addition, our customers will profit from the solution, which can also naturally be used for providing documents and e-mails with audit-proof signatures throughout the company."

"As a result of the combination with Chronos, the advantages of our e.siqia signature solution in terms of data integrity and verifiability are now also available for the contents of databases. Therefore, we are expanding the application spectrum into an area which has up until now been neglected by companies when it came to the long-term archiving and legally-compliant storage of data" added Markus Schuster, Head of Marketing and Sales at e.siqia technologies gmbh.
Compliance regulations concern not only documents and e-mails but also the data found in databases. Therefore, database archiving represents a third pillar in the area of archiving. Database archiving with Chronos enables companies to profit as a side effect from the fact that significantly lower memory capacity is required in contrast to when the data is maintained throughout its whole life cycle in the productive database.
For this reason alone, there is a very quick return on investment (ROI). Permanently increasing database volumes and performance losses in online operations are further reasons to introduce a database archiving system.
The archived database contents can be restored at any time using Chronos and even loaded back into database schemas that have been changed in the meantime. Even semantic changes can be taken account of in the process. This guarantees access to the data in long-term archiving.

About CSP GmbH & Co. KG:

CSP GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1991 and specialises in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company provides its customers with comprehensive advice and support in addition to the implementation and customisation of standard solutions. In connection with its new Chronos product range for database archiving, CSP offers companies from all industries a broad spectrum of services.

CSP has numerous international industrial reference customers. BMW Group, Audi, Daimler, Lufthansa Technik Logistik, Deutsche Telekom, MAN, General Motors, Porsche, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, VW and Bosch, among others, all rely on CSP solutions.

About e.siqia technologies gmbh:
The signature specialists at e.siqia prove the identity of users with their products and the integrity of data in companies and public administration in modern communication infrastructures.

Based on digital certificates (X.509) and signatures, e.siqia guarantees the trustworthiness of electronic data and documents across all manufacturers in a sector-neutral way. e.siqia supports large international companies, public administrations and medium-sized users - in industry, services, trade and commerce. The universal signature structure enables qualified and advanced signatures, as well as the creation of time stamps from all specialist applications, and functions as a uniform interface to resolve issues in propriety interfaces right across product boundaries.

About CSP GmbH & Co. KG

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