A Story of Jazz, Love and Failure: Blue Wednesday Demo Available Now on Steam

Blue Wednesday Demo

Seoul-based gaming company Buff Studio announced the release of a demo version of its latest game, Blue Wednesday, on Nov. 4, 2022, on Steam.

Blue Wednesday is an adventure game with a story of jazz, love, and failure. In the game, users operate the main character, "Moris," to walk around the city and interact with objects to run the story. There are more than 20 types of mini-games and adventures in the game. Also, it is filled with plenty of content, such as NPC's narrative and collectible items.

Blue Wednesday was nominated for the Best Innovation Award in MWU (Made with Unity) Korea Awards 2022 on Oct. 26.

Features of Blue Wednesday include:

  • Adventures and Stories: The player becomes jazz pianist Morris of Evans City. The player navigates the city full of NPCs and objects while interacting with them. With various mini-games, cutscenes, and conversations with different characters, live through jazz pianist Morris's experiences.
  • Mini-games: Mini-games help engross players by popping according to the main character's various actions.
  • Various NPC with Unique Story: With more than 10 supporting NPCs, users can experience more than ten different stories. The story changes depending on the player's choices during the conversation between the main character and the NPC and will allow players to collect items.
  •  Activities & Explore: Users can get music collectibles by visiting various places in the city and talking to different characters: 

-       Collect sheet music: Choose wisely! - Users can play it during the rhythm games in gameplay. The player's choices shape the narrative and determine the albums they can collect: Tango and Bossa Nova, cool jazz to modern jazz.

-       Rare music albums: Players can collect rare music albums through various interactions throughout Evans City, such as helping another player solve a problem or looking through piles of old LPs in the back of a music shop. The player can collect albums from diverse musical genres and play them on the turntable in Morris's room. The player can listen to and enjoy the rare albums hidden around the city.

Blue Wednesday demo is available on the official Steam Page. You can use the wishlist and follow the game to stay in the loop about any changes or game updates.

Buff Studio was established in 2015, and ever since, the company has published its games all over the world. Buff Studio mainly develops mobile games but is now planning to expand its field to PC and console platform games. Buff Studio has a diverse game portfolio with millions of users. It has about 16 million downloads of its game My Oasis, 7 million downloads of Seven Days, 5 million downloads of Underworld Office, etc. Buff Studio is developing more games for game fans.

Source: Buff Studio