A Semi-Automatic Powder Filling Machine Has Been Delivered to Sweden

A set of semi-automatic powder filling machine from Uniaote Machinery company has been sent to Swedish customer on June 20, it includes two machines: semi-automatic powder filling machine, and a screw conveyor feeder. Every part of the CE approved machines has been checked by Uniaote Machinery engineers.

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A set of semi-automatic powder filling machine (Manual Powder Filling Machine) from Uniaote has been sent to Swedish customer on June 20, and now it enjoys the sea journey. The set of semi-automatic powder filling machine includes two machines: semi-automatic powder filling machine, screw conveyor feeder and 5 sets auger screw.

This is three time that the semi-automatic powder filling machine has been exported to Sweden. The whole machine has been divided into three plywood boxes for safety. Every part of the machine has been checked by Uniaote engineers, and the test report showed that everything was all right. And those machines are CE approved.

Semi-automatic auger powder filling machines are suitable for all kinds of bags, bottles, and cans, which means the container is unrestricted. It can achieve quantitative dosing filling and with high accuracy. There are many types of dry powder such as condiments, flour, herbs and so on can be filled by this machine.

In fact, the semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is a series of product adopts auger electronic weighing measurement mode feedback combing computer control, with automatic quantitative, automatic dosing filling, automatic error correction, count, clear material, and other functions.

We have two types of dosing motor with this series machine, one is stepper motor, and another is servo motor, and the speed of both these motors is adjustable to meet the requirements of various materials. And the differences between the stepper motor and servo motor is just the filling speed.

In addition, these machines can be controlled by a photoelectric sensor or foot pedal when filling materials. It is easy for workers to control. And the type of controller and motor depends on the customer’s choice, we can customize the machine for clients.

Uniaote Machinery company is a professional packaging machinery company, we are able to better meet and exceed your diverse product needs by providing special designs that are exactly suited to your requirements. Customer’s satisfaction is our motivation.


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