A Searing Exploration Into an Unlikely Obsession

A Woman's Complicated Relationship with Her Hair Has Lasting Consequences

To Hair and Back: My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time

Author Rhonda Eason’s critically-acclaimed debut memoir challenges the popular tune “I Am Not My Hair” by posing the question: If I am not my hair, then who am I? In To Hair and Back: My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time (July 4, 2017, eBook, ISBN 0-9991188-1-1, $4.99), the author explores her complicated history with her tight curls by taking readers on a revealing journey. From being bullied as a youth because of her unruly coils through her adventurous life-long crusade in search of the perfect hair, the author’s obsession with her ever-changing hairstyles become a metaphor that anyone who has ever struggled with issues of self-worth will find relatable. 

Kirkus has lauded the author’s prose as “impeccable and charming,” while the San Francisco Book Review writes that the author’s voice is “one in a million… I found myself laughing out loud at her sharp wit.Manhattan Book review states To Hair and Back “spins a masterful work of self-discovery” while SPR proclaims To Hair and Backwill attract anyone who has ever had a bad hair day — and that is a pretty large readership.”


Rhonda Eason is a published author of several romance novels. She is a graduate of the University of Tampa and a veteran of the United States Air Force. She resides in New York City.


To Hair and Back:  My Journey Toward Self-love One Strand at a Time - A Memoir


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Rhonda Eason is a romance writer. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.