A Revolutionary Leader in the Travel Industry, the First to Decentralize and Allow Travelers to Own Their Data

URTravel, an undeniably ingenious invention powered by Blockchain Technology in this trillion dollar Traveling Industry.

URTravel: Decentralized data for the travel industry

​Currently, the travel industry is riddled with imbalances within the business-client relationship. There is not enough or little respect for the client’s data. Everyday Travel industry giants are stealing client data through their Internet postings and then still can't provide the best solution for travelers. In addition, there is no Loyalty/Reward program in the travel industry that effectively assimilates a traveler's experiences and suggestions.

URTravel contributes to bringing the traveling facilities on the transparency of the Blockchain Ecosystem with more than a decade worth of traveling data. With the hyper ledger investment system, travelers can earn security tokens based on the information they share, while the travel agencies can have the full benefits of a newly needed transparent ecosystem that is fully automated, utilizing advanced AI (artificial intelligence) to transfer all rewards through Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain system.

URTravel aims to be the world’s leading platform for meeting travelers’ needs to be the Amazon of Travel, the Groupon and Bitcoin for travel, serving as the comprehensive transferable Currency of the industry, while creating a Global loyalty program by decentralizing the travel industry. URTravel makes it possible for users to share and own personal data, the more data the user shares the more tokens they receive.

Travel providers benefit from the URTravel platform by being able to eliminate third-party interfaces, therefore reducing costs and increasing revenue. When travel providers pass on the saving to customers they increase their client base by offering the best prices available in the market.

In a time when personal data is all too often extracted in the absence of consumer consent, URTravel is here to change the game. URTravel’s ecosystem will empower consumers, by giving them control of their personal data and making it possible for them to submit it in exchange for URTravel Security Token (URT) or any other currency on the URT Travel exchange. URTravel has partnered with YouRoute, who has established a travel ecosystem for booking and sharing travel plans, and has already collected a huge amount of data which will be transferred to the state of blockchain and is closing the gap between travel agencies and travelers, thereby boosting the experiences of each.

A security token system for the travel industry is the key to the development of a fraud-free traveling ecosystem that will help against every traveling exploit to the ground. Alton Franco, the CEO of URTravel, is already out spreading this traveling manifesto as seen in Crypto Invest Summit, Los Angeles, East meets West, Hawaii and around the world.

Source: URTravel


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