A Real, Live, Traveling Sideshow is Up Against the Biggest Challenge of Their Lives - Facing Their Fears!

The international tour features some of the deadliest stunts in live entertainment.

Hellzapoppin 2021 Tour

Hellzapoppin, the world's greatest international touring rock-n-roll circus sideshow, has officially announced its "Face Your Fears" U.S. tour dates for 2021. The vaudeville freak show of wonder features live stunts such as fire eating and fire breathing, magic and illusions, and a real live half-man. Members of the audience will see legendary and world-breaking crossbow artistry, acrobatic stunts, sword swallowing, the human blockhead, human oddities and curiosities, and much more.

The tour kicks off in Hellzapoppin's home state of Florida. Their first two shows of the year will be held on February 26, at the Space Coast Harley Davidson in Palm Bay, and February 2, at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. 

"Our fans are about to meet a cavalcade of human curiosities, the likes of which they've never seen before," said Hellzapoppin's Ringleader and Producer Bryce "the Govna" Graves. "I will be their shepherd and guide on a journey of miraculous discovery through the world of the strange, the odd, the bizarre, the macabre, and where the most unusual people entertain. I've spent the past year rebuilding and redesigning the entire show from top to bottom."

Hellzapoppin's performers have been featured on a wide variety of major television shows, including but not limited to Fool US with Penn and Teller, Masters of Illusions, Germany's Das Supertalent, World Magic Awards, AMC's Freakshow, America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent,  Wild Card Show, I Can Do That, and the best-selling magic show in Broadway history, The Illusionists!

Hellzapoppin has been on the ride of their lives. In the past three years alone, the group has performed over 400 shows in 16 different countries, and they have performed with bands such as Avatar, In This Moment, John 5, and Mushroomhead. The group has performed in front of millions of people at some of the world's biggest and most famous festivals, such as Wacken Festival in Germany, Riot Fest in Chicago, and Alcatraz Festival in Belgium. 

Hellzapoppin's first 2020 tour was supposed to take them to Russia but was canceled just weeks before the show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following this cancellation, the European and Canadian tours were also canceled, followed by the two USA tours as well. When a show is canceled, it can be extremely difficult for the independent artists that make Hellzapoppin come alive. With many of the performers living paycheck to paycheck while traveling the world doing what they do best, entertaining and making people happy, 2020 turned out to be a devastating, stressful, and life-threatening year for many. 

Countless people lost their jobs and loved ones during the pandemic, which seemed to drown out the stories of professional touring artists losing their livelihoods over the past year. Some musicians have been able to get by hosting online concerts, but this was not the case for the hundreds of thousands of circus performers, comedians, dancers, magicians, theater performers, etc. These performers employ hundreds of thousands of touring road crews, bus and truck drivers, roadies and roustabouts, merchandisers, ticket takers and sellers, and security personnel - all of which were taken away by the pandemic. 

Hellzapoppin desperately wants to inspire the world not to live in fear. As performing artists, the group feels the burning desire to be on stage now more than ever, because people need an opportunity to escape the pain and struggle they have endured this past year. Now more than ever, people need real live entertainment to escape, to forget and most importantly let go and have fun. Hellzapoppin's performers have an obligation to try and bridge the gap and bring the people back together.

The definition of FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. The definition of Hellzapoppin is Chaos. It means anything can happen and it probably will. With Hellzapoppin stepping up and pioneering a tour in early 2021, the show's performers hope to lead by example and show everyone that there is no need to be fearful anymore while remaining cautious to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

"The first forms of paid entertainment in America were traveling circuses and sideshows. The performers back then were, and still are, honored as heroes because of their willingness to travel in the middle of the Great Depression and global pandemics to seek their happiness and solitude while uniting with others," said Graves. 

Hellzapoppin is among the last of the touring circus sideshows in the world today. Its performers are committed to preserving the art, heritage, culture, past, and future that the artform brings to the table, and they are determined to not let it die because of a pandemic. 

"I hope to help re-open venues, help employ people, and bring fans back together again to reclaim our livelihood and inspire other touring artists to take the plunge and get back out there," said Graves. 

"Laughter and wonder can be the best medicines. I love seeing the excitement, the positive shock and awe on people's faces. Most importantly, I like to connect with people and bring them into our world and share our stories with them. We aim to teach them how to look at the world differently. If people can escape their harsh realities, fears, and anxieties for just a few moments, then we have succeeded." 

This year will feature many star-studded performers on Hellzapoppin, including Dan Sperry. Known as the Rockstar of Magic, this shock illusionist has traveled and performed the world over and with some of the most successful magic shows in history. 

Fans will also get the chance to witness the world's most amazing half-man, Mr. Short E. Dangerously. This tiny daredevil is cut in half at the waist and walks bare-handed on broken shards of glass while on fire. 

World renown AGT Champion Crossbow artist Mr. Ben Blaque is set to perform death-defying stunts live on stage. He received an immediate standing ovation from Snoop Dog, Rosario Dawson, and Cody Rhodes from the GO BIG SHOW when he shot an apple off his own head using a crossbow, not to mention he was blindfolded. Ben has also appeared as "The Weapon Master," touring across America, Australia, Europe and South America.

Also making an appearance this year is the mysterious, sultry, and spellbinding fabulous woman of enchantment - Ms. Willow Lauren. Beautiful beyond desire and cruel beyond words, Willow is a former motorcycle stunt-rider turned international touring sideshow stuntwoman and aspiring illusionist and aerialist. Willow performs the contortion bladebox of death. She not only eats fire - she also eats and regurgitates razor blades, and she will even swallow a lifesaver down her throat and pull it out of her neck to the amazement of the crowd.

Mr. Auzzy Blood will be making his first-ever appearance with Hellzapoppin this year.  Blood is coming straight from Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas and will be performing sword swallowing, eye socket weightlifting, the art of FAKIR, and of course his signature stunt where he takes a giant corkscrew and drives it right through his face - this stunt is a demonstration of mind over matter, with no blood and no pain. He doesn't mind, so it really doesn't matter!

To learn more about Hellzapoppin, and for tickets to the "Face Your Fears" tour, please visit https://hellzapoppin.com/tour-dates.

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