A Pragmatic Permanent Solution to Terrorism

Rational acceptance of religion would be a better tool than rational rejection to find a lasting solution to religious extremism. To achieve rationalization of religion, the rational God is a must. As long as religion is left to the whims and fancies of religious leaders, religious terrorism may not end.

“To find a lasting solution to religious extremism, rational acceptance of religion would be a better tool than rational rejection,” says a kickstarter campaign that aims to raise funds to publish a book on rational God. Aptly titled, “The only permanent solution for all human problems is the rational God,” the book aims to rationalize religion and get support from intellectuals, rational thinkers and the average Joe and Jane.

As religious terrorism engulfs the Middle East and the rest of the world, decision makers are at crossroads.  They are looking for practical solutions to save humanity from the whirlwind of terrorism spreading across the world.

"To find a lasting solution to religious extremism, rational acceptance of religion would be a better tool than rational rejection."

Sajith Buvi, Author

Religion has always been treated as a belief system and the scriptures have been wielding enormous power on humanity.  For centuries human beings are unable to find a balance between their genuine aspiration to practice a religion of choice and lasting harmony between various religious perspectives. This is because religion and its teaching have been left to the mercy of religious leaders to interpret and preach. “Why can’t religious teachings be explored rationally and find the rational God?,” asks the kickstarter campaign

“It is time intellectuals take religion seriously and explore the purpose of religion rationally. If there is a God that God must be rationally explained. Only a rational God can bring sanity to religion,” declares the kickstarter campaign.

The author of the book says, “Many books on religion or God have been written to either promote or demean religion and/or God. An honest intellectual attempt, beyond the limitations of religiosity and ideological rationalism or atheism, is necessary to explore the truth of God.”

The book explores the rational basis of all religions and finds a common ground on which all religious pursuits stand on. Various aspects of religious dogmas like sin, morality, heaven, love, compassion, consciousness, belief systems, and the truth of diverse religious scriptures are rationally explored in the book to reveal the rational God. Moreover, an intellectual description of God that fits with the religious idea is rationally explored and described in detail.

The author believes that if more and more religious people approach the truth of God rationally, and intellectuals and rational thinkers support that approach then religious extremism and terrorism will slowly disappear from this world. Otherwise all efforts will only bring partial solution to terrorism and the world will continue to suffer from religious extremism and terrorism. 

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