A New Way to Ship - Tech Company Poised to Revolutionize the Shipping Industry

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RYNLY™ Inc., an entrepreneurial technology startup, is pleased to announce the launch of its app-based shipping enterprise in Portland and Seattle. RYNLY™ aims to revolutionize the way people think about domestic shipping by borrowing concepts from other sharing economy startups, disrupting the norms of traditional ground shipping by place the power in the hands of the people. RYNLY™ offers businesses the choice to ship items for a fraction of the cost of legacy carriers by utilizing the unused space in their driver’s vehicles and delivering flat rate packages throughout their distribution network.

RYNLY™ aims to harness the power of technology to cultivate energy efficiency, help create new jobs in major cities, and cut down on environmental waste. RYNLY™ drivers have total control and flexibility in their schedule; they can drive between cities or pick up and deliver in their city of choice, all by consulting the app. “We conceptualized RYNLY™ after seeing the high costs and unremarkable service of legacy carriers, and knew we could find a way to do it better,” notes co-founder Won Cho. “People trust people more than they trust companies. We wanted to put a human touch on package and document delivery while helping the economy thrive.”

RYNLY™ is testing its program in Portland and Seattle until Fall 2018, with plans to expand along the West coast. RYNLY™ will offer cheap, fast ground shipping between major cities - with sights set on establishing operations to ship between San Francisco and Los Angeles with its next expansion. Through app-based technology, an independent driver network, and easy to use shipping options, RYNLY™ is poised to shake up the shipping industry while creating a new breed of entrepreneurs looking to monetize their city traveling and ease shipping costs for urban businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact: Won Cho

Cell: 408-639-8082

Email: wcho@rynly.com

Source: RYNLY™ Inc.


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