A New Pregnancy Acupuncture Treatment Service in Sydney, NSW Is Now Available.

House of Fertility and Healing, based in Newtown, Sydney (NSW, Australia), has recently announced the launch of a new range of pregnancy treatments.

House of Fertility and Healing, based in Newtown, Sydney (NSW, Australia), has recently announced the launch of a new range of pregnancy treatments. These include specialised pregnancy acupuncture treatments that can be performed either with, or without needles.

The professionally implemented needle-free acupuncture is performed by Ngaio Richards, Sydney's most experienced Pregnancy Acupuncturist (who also performs the traditional type of acupuncture). Combined with Chinese herbs, the treatments provide natural, drug-free and safe support for a lady and her baby throughout her pregnancy.

Pregnant women may seek out acupuncture treatment for both preventive and remedial purposes. As traditional Chinese Medicine's emphasis is on prevention and the maintenance of long-term health, this modality has so very much to offer women before, during and after pregnancy. (IVF and fertility acupuncture treatments are also available).

If perhaps you have a fear of needles, House of Fertility and Healing's recently launched needle-free acupuncture solution utilises a low-level laser therapy to create a photochemical response at a cellular level. The laser beam penetrates right into tissue where it is soaked up by skin cells and converted into energy that affects the course of your metabolic processes.
A beam of light from the laser is focused on to the acupuncture point, stimulating it in the same way as acupuncture needles. The visible red-coloured laser usually heats up the acupuncture point.

Usually, laser acupuncture treatment can treat the same range of health issues as needle acupuncture and there are numerous benefits of needle free acupuncture, including: no needles; pain free; frequently provides an quick analgesic result at the time of treatment; reduced healing time; speedy reduction of swelling and inflammation; non-invasive; risk-free.

This new needle-free form of pregnancy acupuncture now being performed in Sydney, together with the traditional form and Chinese herbs can help to relieve many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy when these conditions are often difficult to alleviate using western medicine, or the lady is reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs unless it is absolutely essential.

Acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs, are a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which offer a gentle way to find peace in your mind and body. This science and art of natural healing has proved to be safe and effective and is now widely accepted in Australia and across the globe. Having a baby is not only a physical process but also an immensely emotional and spiritual journey, so acupuncture can help to alleviate anxiety and stress by helping to balance your emotions. This treatment complements the care you are receiving from your Obstetrician or Midwife.

Also announced is the provision Sydney's first holistic fertility program that combines Acupressure, NLP, imagery & the Radiance Stress Management technique that engages the body/mind/system on all levels simultaneously. So, if you'd like more information about the latest pregnancy developments and news, contact House of Fertility and Healing.

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