A New Novel — That Funds School Violence Research — Saw COVID-19 Coming and Points to Its Future

NoSchoolViolence.org announces a new initiative to fund Post-COVID School Violence Research

Oracle Virus

NoSchoolViolence.org is recruiting novelists, artists, and celebrities to help reduce post COVID-19 school violence. The nonprofit is gearing up for a new research project that combines volunteers and data software, like Alteryx and Tableau, to better understand how social disruptions children have recently experienced may increase the likelihood for increased violence once schools resume. Interested donors willing to share their profits as donations can email contact@noschoolviolence.org email. The project will provide parents, schools, law enforcement, government health agencies, and academic researchers with an easy-to-use tool to access to the first school violence database that provides actionable insight into reducing school violence.

The first novel donated--The Oracle Virus--asks whether the Enigma Code and genetic mutations had metaphorically anything to do with COVID-19. Award-winning author, professor and school violence specialist Paul Michael Privateer fictionalizes how pandemic viruses become political in The Oracle Virus (368 pp. $13.99), a sci-fi political thriller.

The Buzz: A recent PrairiesBookReview notes that "The Oracle Virus-induced epidemic rings true, especially in today's COVID-19 crisis. The fans of complicated sci-fi thrillers won't want to miss this one.” 

Other reviews admire the Oracle Virus in terms of “excellent characterization and well-crafted tensions,” "a nano-bioinformatic and bio-engineering thriller,” full of “cutting-edge science that drives a suspense-filled narrative,” an “engaging mystery thriller with high social awareness.” 

One reviewer offers a warning: “Watch out, this author has created a novel that reads like a movie and is in a league with the likes of John Le Carre (British intelligence), John Grisham (legal acumen), Dan Brown (religious intrigue), and Patricia Cornwell (and Forensic Science)."

All Oracle Virus profits with be donated to NoSchoolViolence.org.

The Author: Paul Michael Privateer is founding director of NoSchoolViolence.org. He has appeared in The New York Times and on CNN, PBS, ABC, NPR, and BBC4 for his work on education reform and the digital future. Privateer lives in the Pacific Northwest and is engaged in translating the latest AI technologies into mobilizing the social good.  

Kindle: Oracle Virus

Paperback: 368 pages

ISBN-10: 1545445605

ISBN-13: 978-1545445600

For further information, interviews or book signings, email us at contact@noschoolviolence.org.

Source: NoSchoolViolence.org


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