A New Nation Dawns, Virtually

Pioneers Ben Poser and Josh Resnek Create an Internet Country for Freedom to go Viral, New Ideas to Flourish and People to Find Honest Hope

Opening Day at Respvblica

Believing that real estate is not necessary to form a country in our internet-led world today, innovators, pioneers and entrepreneurs Benjamin Poser and Joshua Resnek announce the start of Respvblica.com, the first, credible virtual nation. At first, it will launch as a news and commentary site, offering some of the sharpest writing about issues people truly care about, or should.  As it grows in reverence, a nation will be born. Resnek and Poser, and the talented team they are putting together anticipate that Respvblica can ultimately represent tens of millions of citizens around the world.

Poser, who has provided initial funding for Respvblica.com, said, “We look forward to welcoming citizens who believe, as we do, that there really are inherent truths that should govern human behavior and who do not believe that political correctness should restrain the pursuit and expression of those truths.”

We live in a time when virulent, despotic movements can call themselves 'nations' without physical borders; The Islamic State, for example. We believe it is time that liberty also goes viral.

Joshua Resnek, Founder

Resnek, who has owned newspapers and had earned an Emmy, said, “We live in a time when virulent, despotic movements can call themselves ‘nations’ without physical borders; The Islamic State, for example.  We believe it is time that liberty also goes viral. We will start by offering news and commentary that is first and foremost, useful, and certainly truthful and unapologetic.  We will transform into a nation that ensures certain privileges for its citizens all around the world who will all share the will to be truthful and unapologetic in asserting their rights to freedom of thought and freedom of speech.”

Respvblica is proud to be joined by Keith Ablow, MD, the New York Times best-selling author and psychiatrist who has spent ten years as psychiatry Contributor for the Fox News Network.  

Resnek said, “Dr. Ablow has proven, again and again, that he is a friend of autonomy, that he sees through to the truth at core of today’s social and political issues and that he is willing to share his incisive commentary in the most courageous way imaginable. Having him provide commentary and direction to Respvblica symbolizes our commitment to building a platform that can then develop into the foundation for a bold, new idea: A virtual nation that lives on the Web, but also lives inside the hearts and minds of women and men, everywhere, who love freedom.”

Also coming aboard Respvblica is Juda Engelmayer, a 25-year veteran of public relations and crisis communications, who has and has had among his client, diplomatic and government figures, foreign leaders, recognized business-people, authors, companies, associations and organizations on all sides of the ideological, political and religious spectrums. 

Poser said, “Our launching with the help of Juda is, in no small measure, a sign that we intend to grow beyond offering commentary at Respvblica, to offer a new way for people to come together and feel a sense of national identity — of citizenship — in a country with no boundaries. That country can, ultimately, defend its citizens’ rights just as vigorously as any other.”

About Respvblica:

Respvblica.com, having begun Sept. 12, 2017 as a news and commentary site, will grow into a virtual nation that embraces the core truth in all matters and promotes the rights of our citizens to express their ideas and pursue their goals, without having to yield to cherry-picked news and information, political correctness, or undue intrusions.




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About Respvblica

Respvblica.com is a news and commentary site that provides a platform to writers, reporters and opinion leaders who value the truth above all else and who hold dear the truth that people deserve freedom of thought, speech and actions.

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