A New Era Starts: Multilingual Online Gambling With Slotozilla

Slotozilla is now offering versions of their site in German, Swedish, Finish, Spanish, Polish and French, giving international gamers unrivaled access to one of the web’s largest providers of free slot gaming.

Slotozilla is a leading hub for slot-gaming gamblers. It’s well on its way to having one of the largest collections of unique slots online, and they can be accessed instantly without the need for registration or credit cards. Players are encouraged to truly learn the mechanics of the games with tips from the site’s resident experts and regular updates helping to keep them on top of innovations in the betting world.

Our dream has always been to create a true online home for slot gaming and with our new multi-lingual website we're able to further curate our collection for users around the world.

Rick Slot


Taking the Lead in Regional Gaming

CEO Rick Slot has declared this latest update a new era for online gaming, stating: “our dream has always been to create a true online home for slot gaming and with our new multi-lingual website we’re able to further curate our collection for users around the world.”

International players have always had access to the +1,900 games hosted on the website but some of the most beloved features, such as the in-depth reviews and gambling guides for each game, were only available in English — until now. European and South American gamers will have firsthand access to Slotozilla’s comprehensive coverage of the best slot games to play and how best to play them.    

“We’re not just providing a translation of our main website into six new languages,” says Rick Slot, “we’re making sure players can easily find the games they are after. It has surprised me how much demand changes from country to country. German players are always asking for classic slots with insane bonus rounds, and our Spanish-language players, of course, love our football themed slots. Most importantly they want games that will always work in their country.”

“Slotozilla has always been a site that works with its users,” he adds, “when people ask for specific games, our team tries its best to host and review them. With this latest addition, we’re finally delivering our most requested feature — content made specifically for our non-English speaking audience.”

How to Access your Language

Accessing the new language sites is just a matter of selecting your flag from the drop down box on the homepage. Once browsing in your chosen language you will be taken to a selection of regional favorites you can play in-browser without downloading. You can also choose from a selection of the games top rated by users in your area or use the advanced search function to sort games by specific features or designer.

Brand New and Improved Slotozilla

In addition to the new language features, Slotozilla has given its entire site an overhaul. This new look has streamlined user’s experience so they can get to the games they want to quicker and also further improved the recommendation system, including editor’s picks and rankings of the games with the best pay-outs and sign-up bonuses.

It’s now easier than ever to sort games by themes, types, and features. Whether you want the latest 3D graphics, betting with a storyline, classic fruit machines, outrageous bonus rounds, or the chance to play the latest movie-themed games, Slotozilla has got you covered.

When you’re ready to start playing for real money the updated casino comparison tool will make sure you are getting the best value for money and spinning reels with the best of them.

With these developments, Slotozilla has proven that it is committed to providing all players with a fun, safe, and hassle-free environment where they can practice playing and try out cutting-edge games and timeless classics without any pressure.

What to Look out for

The six new versions of the site were launched in early November and are available to use now with regular updates and expansions planned in the coming months.

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