A New Era of Golf: TDJ Brings Golf Into the eSports Arena

TDJ Systems, LLC releases version 2.0 of TDJ Golf, the industry's first golf platform that brings together on-course play and fantasy sports. This blending of reality and digital sports is ushering golf into the eSports arena.

Golfers can now partner with their favorite pros each week and compete against friends at their local golf course, or with other players across the country in virtual pro-am tournaments.

“Golfers have always dreamed what it would be like to play with the giants of the game,” says Dante Reynolds, Vice President of Game Development and Marketing of TDJ Golf. “The explosion of fantasy sports and the growing numbers of avid golfers make TDJ Golf uniquely positioned in the market to deliver this dream.”

TDJ Golf is launching a free-to-play virtual golf league that will commence along with the PGA Tour’s® CIMB Classic held from Oct. 11-14, 2018. Each week, golfers of all skills levels from across the country will compete to win premium golf gear.

Golf clubs are also leveraging TDJ Golf’s innovative technology for their players. Each week, courses are hosting custom virtual pro-ams in conjunction with the current PGA Tour® event. These new and innovative weekly side games are complementary to the club's daily and tournament play. The platform is designed to immediately drive additional and significant revenue for the course with zero stress on their staff.

“We do the heavy lifting of a fantasy sports platform, so clubs can focus on their golfers while providing new and fun experiences,” says Tony Laudato, President of TDJ Golf. “Our seamless implementation process gets clubs up and running in a matter of days.”

​Golf courses can directly book a demo of the platform at http://info.tdjgolf.com. Golfers can download TDJ Golf for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces.


For more information about TDJ Golf or media inquiries, please contact Dante Reynolds at dante.reynolds@tdjgolf.com

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