A Makeover for Brick and Barter Store - Home Health Care Shoppe

The brick and barter storefront of Home Health Care Shoppe is getting a makeover this summer. The online presence has created a strong base with over 2000 five star online reviews, and it was time to revamp the storefront to open up space and add more products for local customers. The e-commerce store has been steadily growing and adding more products but it was time for the physical storefront to get a makeover.

With so many amazing reviews coming from online customers it was time to carry more mobility products such as mobility scooters in the physical store. Like one customer wrote, “Thank you for such an amazing service and prompt delivery of my order, but it would have been awesome if I could physically come down to your store and talk to the amazing staff you have down in Port Coquitlam.”

With a range of some amazing products which are rarely available in shops nearby, this storefront plans to showcase some of them and help people live an independent lifestyle.

Some of the products that customers like to try before buying are commodes and electric scooters etc. Some of the products such as wheelchairs do require small repairs from time to time. Overall, the market trends have changed; in the past, an online presence was an added benefit, while today it is a focal point for future sales. Check us out on www.homehealthcareshoppe.com for a list of over 5000 health care products.

Source: Home Health Care Shoppe

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