A Lifetime of Compassion Draws a Leader to Shepherd

It’s no surprise that Teri Burke wanted to work at Shepherd. She and the people at Shepherd both believed there had to be a better way to do senior living – and together, they’ve found it.

As general manager of Shepherd Living at The Range, a new Shepherd community in Madison, Alabama, set to open in the fall, Burke is in a great position to make a difference. She intends to make the most of it.

“I’m a get-it-done kind of person,” she said. “We have to give our community the Shepherd experience, and that’s not easy. But I don't ask people to do anything unless I would do it myself. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done … and that’s what I expect from the whole team.”

Strong credentials to accompany a passion for senior care

Burke comes to Shepherd with 24 years of clinical healthcare and senior living experience, including having served as director of admissions for Huntsville Health and Rehab and as manager at Huntsville Emergency Medical Services. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, including camping with her grandchildren. But it seems as though her mind always drifts back to The Range.

“Shepherd is like no other company I’ve worked for,” she said, “I believe they are on the right path. They’re all about going above and beyond.”

That includes gourmet farm-to-table food, fine wine storage, a full-service salon, a greenhouse and numerous gardening opportunities, private kitchens, animal therapy, extensive walking trails and landscaping throughout the large grounds … and even a tavern. The wellness lifestyle at Shepherd Living at The Range will include daily classes ranging from meditation and gentle yoga to aerobics and circuit training. Certain amenities, such as the spa, wellness center and classes, will be open to members of the public age 55 and older.  Others, such as the restaurant and many social activities, are open to those of all ages.

The Range Physical Therapy will provide on-site services to Shepherd Living at The Range residents, as well as serving the needs of the broader community of all ages.

“The Range will be a community, a home,” said Burke. “Single-story homes designed the way people would want their home to look and feel like. High ceilings, big windows, pet-friendly, good storage – it’s an old-time Southern-feeling ‘wow’ experience when you see one, and all without the hassles that come with owning a home.”

To learn about living the Shepherd life

Call 877.GO.MADISON or visit https://liveShepherd.com/Madison/.

About Shepherd

Co-founded by Christine Menedis and Naveen Trehan, Shepherd Health is a forward-thinking real estate development company based in Miami Beach, Florida. Shepherd takes pride in integrating advances across numerous sectors into each of its developments while becoming intimately connected with the communities it serves and offering investors strategic entry-points into demographically solid industries. Shepherd Senior Living is the operations arm of the Shepherd brand and focuses on integrating wellness, nature, personalized care and joy into the lives of seniors and their communities across the United States. For more information, visit liveShepherd.com.


Christine Menedis, Esq.
Co-Founder and CEO

Source: Shepherd Health