A La Steel, Contemporary Digital Graphic Art Discovering a New Medium

Art breaks free into an entirely new outpouring of form and feel as Steel meets Print at 'A La Steel' - in the hands of the master craftsmen and artists at Mozaiic Art Gallery, Dubai.

Few discoveries have impacted civilizations as much as Steel and Print - though the two elements differed vastly in application. While one evolved into a steadfast symbol of strength and power, the other ushered in the era of enlightenment - bringing ideas, cultures and nations closer together through the power of print. 

Both Steel and Print are elements that have changed our way of life. And for the more imaginative minds, the two have merged to become one powerful new medium of expression - 'A La Steel' - a collection presented by Mozaiic Art Gallery.

"The medium is an essential part of the artwork, it completes and nurtures the subject residing in the artist's imagination. Here comes the steel. While cotton canvas and paper seem to be very soft and peaceful in these days, steel offers a strong and bold character, and it gives us the opportunity to try to face all this violence surrounding us and to pound the ruthlessness with colors and shapes."

Cumai Aboul Housn, associated artist

Be it Calligraphy, Digital Paint, Etching, Photography or Screen Printing, Mozaiic Art Gallery have lent every piece of work a style so different that many have been rated as the first of their kinds, and won them distinctive recognition and admiration.

As the gallery MD and associated artist, Maher Aboul Housn explains, "A work of art, I believe, should be a spontaneous blend of the mind and the medium, enriched by the colors of the imagination.

Every piece of art in our collection, every small detail, is carefully designed and crafted, simply to celebrate the Print Art! It is the path we've chosen, and it is heartening to see more and more artists joining us to continue the explorations…"

In short, 'A La Steel' is yet another journey undertaken by Mozaiic Art Gallery, where the gallery forms the stage for this overwhelming engagement of steel and print, where the cold, hard metal surface is heated, moved and molded by colors and shapes in an exclusive, breathtaking new dialogue, which, once again, is a breakthrough in Art!

The landmark event also marks the gallery's first anniversary celebration.

Founded only a year back in April 2014, Mozaiic Art Gallery introduced a unique concept in Dubai; The high street gallery, where fine art experience is integrated into the city residents daily life.

The gallery is located at the prestigious Souk Al Bahar- Dubai Mall, and is notably one of the most frequented addresses for fine art.

Reena Nirula - Gallery Manager

Mozaiic Art Gallery

Souk Al Bahar - Dubai Mall

Dubai - UAE

Tel: +9714 277 6122

email: info@mozaiicartgallery.com

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