A Japanese Company Invented World First True Non-Combustible Fiber Reinforced Plastic That Cleared ISO-1182. Pat. Pending.

The long standing problem in the FRP industry has been finally solved! Each DreaM Company developed non-combustible FRP has cleared the ISO-1182, the world standard for non-combustible materials. Patent Pending! This first-ever non-combustible FRP will change the world.

Each DreaM Company (main office: Ichinomiyashi Aichi, Chairman of the Board: Hamamura Hideo, CEO: Nakano Shougo) has successfully developed a non-combustible FRP, a long-standing problem in the industry, and has cleared the ISO 1182. We also have the non-combustible heat insulation created during the developing process, which is the only known heat insulation to have cleared the ISO1182 as well. This product is patent pending.

The link below is a simple video demonstrating the product quality.

In the video, we doused an FRP box containing ice with kerosene and set it on fire. Not only is the box unburnt but the ice inside is still frozen as well.

Strictly speaking, it is an FRC (Fiber Reinforced Ceramics) reinforced with basalt cloth. But since it has the same quality and nature as FRPs and could be used as such, we call this material next-generation FRP for convenience.

This new material will withstand a 1500℃( 2732 F) fire, has low heat conductivity, is poison gas free, and can be easily recycled.


・Details for non-combustible next-generation FRP: https://en-us.each-dream.com/frp

・Details for on-combustible heat insulation: https://en-us.each-dream.com/insulation

FRPs are applied in general vehicle interiors but this next-generation FRP not only is non-combustible but, its formaldehyde emission rate is 0.0mg/L, meaning it is odor free. Apart from the pre-existing FRP, it is expected to be applied in houses and wooden high-rise buildings.

Also, as it can resist a 1200℃ (2192°F) torch despite being 0.8 mm (0.031 inch) thin, it could replace aluminum, its melting point being 660℃ (1220°F) depending on its use. This product holds much potential.

Added, we also have a fire proofing liquid that was developed alongside the next-generation FRP. We believe it could have greatly contributed on preventing the fire from spreading and engulfing the mountains in California last year. This liquid will not hinder trees from growing and is safe for animals as it can be rinsed off with water.

On 2021, January 23, Saturday, we will be demonstrating the quality of this non-combustible next-generation FRP. It will be held in Kihoku-cho, Mie Japan.

Date and time: 2021, January 23, Saturday 1PM-4PM

Place: Yaguchiura, Kitamurogun Kihokucho 102-6, Mie, In the factory premise of the charcoal craftsman; Mr. Tsumura Toshiharu, near Oshiro Park

Mr. Tsumura's Binchotan charcoals are very popular for its high quality and are in high demand around the world.

Although Each DreaM Co. is a Japanese company, we have a staff fluent in English. If you'd like to make an inquiry such as business and interviews, feel free to contact us.

About Each DreaM, Inc.

Location: Aza Oyama 9-2, Chiakicho Kanoumanba, Ichinomiyashi, Aichi 491-0811 Japan

URL: https://en-us.each-dream.com

Chairman of the Board: Hamamura Hideo

CEO: Nakano Shougo

Business: Developing, manufacturing, and selling the world's first non-combustible materials

TEL: +81-586-81-0321

FAX: +81-586-81-0322

Source: Each DreaM, Inc.

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