A. Hoffman Awning Co. Proudly Announces the Appointments of Joe Grimm, President/General Manager, and Ben Youngs, Vice President Marketing and Graphics Design

Joe Grimm

A. Hoffman Awning Co. announces two major executive appointments.

Joe Grimm - President and General Manager

Joe Grimm brings over 30 years of awning experience and design to the company. Starting from the ground floor and working side by side as apprentice to John Hoffman, Joe has earned his promotion. He has mastered every aspect of the awning business: installation, production, manufacturing, welding, sewing, and especially sales and awning design. A. Hoffman Awning Co. is proud to have Joe lead the company into its centennial year of business. John Hoffman would be especially proud of his achievements.

Ben Youngs - Vice President Marketing and Graphics Design

Ben Youngs brings A. Hoffman Awning a wealth of experience with his marketing, web design and branding expertise. 

Ben recently designed A. Hoffman Awning Co.'s new interactive website that captures Hoffman Awning's 100-year-old history and personality, and awning products. His multimedia, digital marketing campaigns, and website awning resources have won many awards including the 2020 Best Residential Awning Company by Build Magazine. See website: https://ahoffmanawning.com/.

His knowledge in designing the entire branding process, including logos and graphics, is another area of expertise.  

Joe and Ben worked together in designing the ambitious award-winning Fort McHenry Tunnel Project. https://ahoffmanawning.com/the-fort-mchenry-project/

Congratulations to Joe Grimm and Ben Youngs.

Media Contact: 
Donna Hoffman, CEO

Source: A. Hoffman Awning Co.

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