A Heart Wrenching Story: Underprivileged Women Threatened for Protecting Her Daughter

IWIL supported a less privileged woman in getting justice for her daughter against an eve-teaser harassing the family for forced marriage with her younger daughter.

Monica Das, 32 lives in Faridabad, works hard as a domestic help/cook to earn a living; both her husband & she come from a less privileged background. Due to her poor financial condition she is not being able to provide education to her two daughters Simran 14 &Anamika 16.

The mother of two has spent last 100 hours in utter horror and anxiety because of a stranger who has been harassing her and her young daughters in vain & threatening them with dire consequences.

Respecting a women and ensuring her security should be the priority of every country irrespective of her social status.

Deepa Sayal, Founder & President, IWIL

The stranger (+91-7840992668) named himself Suman (evidently fake) has been calling her up repeatedly, stalking her and even threatening that he will kill her if she doesn’t get her daughter married to him. Heinous as it may sound the stalker even got upto the extent of chasing the elder lass on bike & threatened her to get abducted incase her mother denies to tie the knot.

Petrified to the core, she went to the police station seeking for justice & safety but much to her surprise the authorities didn’t file a complaint instead used derogatory terms like “are you a prostitute” to refrain her from filing a complaint.

IWIL(Indian Women Institutional League) heard her plea for justice and stepped forward to provide legal and professional help. IWILis guiding Ms. Monica Das step by step to fight for justice & approach the right channels. Not only IWIL provided a lawyer to file a complaint against the harassment & threatening but alsofunded for the tuition fees of her young girls.

The women is petrified by the incident but a fighter at heart she is ready to do whatever it takes to protect her daughter from the evil intentions of the pervert.

Whilst we keep you posted for the further status we request your support in terms of promoting & sharing to spread awareness formany more such Monica’s who might be innocent& still falling a prey to the moribund system.

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