A Day Closer Achieves Milestone

Cassie Monaco, President and Founder of A Day Closer, is pleased to announce they have made their 50th award to Dianne Cheatham, a mother from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to visit her son Daniel, who is in a Federal Prison in Tucson, Arizona. "Our 50th award has touched the hearts of an entire community, and we are so happy to have brought this family together, maybe for the last time," said Ms. Monaco.

A Day Closer provided airfare and accommodations for Dianne, who has stage four lung cancer, and her daughter to visit Daniel in Arizona. It was the first time in three years that Diane had seen her son and over 10 years since she last hugged him. Daniel is serving a 25-year mandatory minimum sentence for a low-level, non-violent drug offense. "It is these types of mandatory minimums that are, in part, responsible for tearing families apart, and we need to continue to pursue criminal justice reform," said Ms. Monaco.

Daniel has applied for a commutation of sentence with President Trump after having served a significant portion of his sentence with exemplary behavior. He is awaiting a decision.  Tragically, neither Dianne nor Daniel knows if they will ever see each other again because of Diane's terminal illness. Ms. Monaco said, "I know I speak on behalf of our entire donor base and supporters that we are honored that Diane and Daniel had the opportunity to reconnect, reminisce, forgive, laugh, heal, and probably share one last loving farewell."

A Day Closer is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reducing recidivism by keeping families connected while a loved one is incarcerated. "A Day Closer relies on the generous support of our donors," said Ms. Monaco, and is in the final stretch of its 2019 Fund Raising Campaign. To donate, please visit the Company's website at www.ADayCloser.org.

Source: A Day Closer


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