A Dash of Charm is Excited to Release New Shapes & Things Collection

This highly anticipated collection of fabric magnets are made from colorful, trendy fabrics that turn the simple act of holding things up into something beautiful and special as the memories are themselves.

Shapes & Things Collection

Jenny Rozman from A Dash of Charm is releasing the brand new Shapes & Things Collection, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. The Shapes & Things Collection will be released on Aug. 20, 2018.

A Dash of Charm is known for helping busy women create happy little memories.

Thus, for the first time, Jenny Rozman has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular fabric magnets. The new Shapes & Things Collection is scheduled to go live on Aug. 20, 2018.

The collection will be exclusively sold on the website www.adashofcharm.etsy.com where the limited products are expected to sell out by the end of the season.

The fabric magnets are designed to showcase beautiful ways to hold up special moments that help busy women have their own moment of joyfulness for creating happy little memories.

Several products come in geometric shape-patterned fabric to capitalize on today's trends.

Some magnets are made from neutral fabrics which means busy women can easily match the rest of their décor.

Her collection also includes fabric push pins to hold up memories on cork boards.

Each individual magnet and push pin have their own name. A few examples are:

  • Blushing Mandala
  • Dot Discovery
  • Pyramid Passion
  • Shapes of the Rainbow
  • Painted Pineapples

Shapes & Things Collection ranges in price from $4 to $46.

Jenny is excited to welcome her fans to her new handmade product line collection they've been requesting.

About A Dash of Charm

Jenny Rozman started designing fabric magnets after she was faced with a very real problem of ugly magnets to hold up special memories. After many months of creating fabric magnets by hand, Jenny's products started gaining notoriety amongst the magnet industry.

For more information about the Shapes & Things Collection or for an interview with Jenny Rozman, please write to jenny@adashofcharm.com.

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A Dash of Charm creates beautiful fabric magnets to hold up moments and help create happy little memories.

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