A Customer Retention Plan: The Best Strategies for Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

Stikkum Launches Dynamic Customer Retention Platform: Accelerating Business and Growing Long-term Value for Mortgage Providers and Their Customers

​​​Technology innovator Stikkum, a leading vendor in the mortgage client retention space, has launched a new platform to help experts in this space turn short-term client relationships into long-standing partnerships through a robust customer retention plan.

Research shows that over 86% of a mortgage lender's past customers will apply with their competitor when they need a new mortgage. This is due to the original lender being out of sight, out of mind.

Stikkum's platform is out to change this statistic. It does so through intuitive, user-friendly tools that allow mortgage lenders to connect, save, retain and grow their client base, delivering the profits and value they need to thrive.  

The premise of the tool is simple: When lenders are in-tune with their clients, they're able to offer real-time, relevant support that can convince them to return time and again. Thus, Stikkum is built on a dynamic platform that ensures they never miss an opportunity to connect. 

Retention Action Notification

Imagine if a lender received a notification as soon as a client filed an application for a mortgage. With that knowledge, the lender could get to work saving that deal and adding value to that relationship.

With Stikkum, this scenario is a reality. 

The tool uses advanced TRUE ALERT technology to combine all client touchpoints onto a centralized portal. This gives lenders a single point-of-view as they monitor activity. Regardless of the size of their client base, 24/7 monitoring makes sure that no critical activity goes unnoticed.

With mobile alerts, lenders are even notified on-the-go.

Omni-Connect, Multi-Directional Communication Platform

With Stikkum, conversations begin with a single click. The tool engages and connects lenders and clients over multiple channels, including email, text, mobile app, and web portal.

The solution is fully mobile app-enabled, allowing connectivity on both iOS and Android devices. When using the app version, lenders have access to the same level of execution and connection available on their desktop. This way, they're always within reach.

One Portal, Unlimited Visibility

Stikkum allows lenders a 360-degree view of their client relationships, all on a single screen. Data visualization tools, including reports and charts, lead to quicker, more informed decisions that can close deals and improve retention rates. 

If there's a time-sensitive action that requires precedence over another, it's highlighted for easy access. The intuitive interface is also action-driven, meaning that lenders can complete necessary communication right from the screen.

Real-Time Customer Retention 

Successful lender/client relationships can fall apart when needs go unmet. Stikkum's client awareness and customer retention solution make sure this never happens. 

Mortgage lenders can monitor current customers that are at risk and their current status of customer retention activity. Stikkum's platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ERM, LOS, POS, and ERP systems.

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Source: Stikkum LLC

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Stikkum is a leading technology innovator in the mortgage client retention space. Its retention alert and automation platform was built and designed specifically for the mortgage industry.

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