A Closer Look at 'Oreum Tree,' the Cosmetic Brand Started by Jeju Students

Oreum Tree creates cosmetics using extract from Jo-Rit-Dae, a disruptive species in the Jeju ecosystem.

CYJ Jeju, Saint Johnsbury Academy in Jeju

Cosmetic brand "Oreum Tree" is already drawing attention before its official launch.

Christine Yuna Jang started Oreum Tree purely out of scientific interest. While attending St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju, an international school located on Jeju Island, she happened upon the Jo-Rit-Dae crowding the entryway to Hallasan Mountain. Curious about the plant species commonly known for disrupting Jeju's ecosystem, Jang studied various medical resources and discovered that Jo-Rit-Dae had economic value, as it reduced carbon and contained anti-inflammatory properties.

Jang took up the challenge of producing a lotion from the Jo-Rit-Dae extract. She participated in the KSEF hosted by the Korea Science and Technology Support Group, as well as the U.S. Genius Olympiad, demonstrating her exceptional talent and potential by winning a silver medal for her work entitled "Quantitative Analysis of Effective Ingredients in Jeju Jo-Rit-Dae and Research on Their Benefits to Skin Condition."

Since then, she has launched a non-profit organization called CYJ (Collective Youth in Jeju) with her friends at school, and Oreum Tree in collaboration with DS-Tech, a B2B company specializing in products that serve both cosmetic and skincare purposes, including medical devices and microchip products. DS-Tech has played a critical role in enhancing Oreum Tree's product completeness and capability.

A brand sparked by students' curiosity and borne from professional research, Oreum Tree is preparing a crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with funding site Oh My Company to assist senior citizens exposed to hot sunlight, an effort to keep pace with Jeju island's aging era. Oreum Tree is taking bold first steps as a young brand. Expectations are high for what they will do next.

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