A Clever Twist for Opening Flat Drop Fiber Optic Cable

New Miller® MB04 'Twister' Cable Slitter


Ripley Tools is proud to introduce a new and innovative twist on traditional cable slitters – the Miller® brand MB04 “Twister” Flat Drop Cable Slitter. Engineered for quick one-handed operation, its precision blades easily cut through both sides of the cable jacket on cable mid-spans and ends safely exposing the fiber within without damage. With a simple twist, its unique patent-pending articulating hinge opens and closes around the cable without disassembling the tool or the need for a latch. In alignment with Ripley’s dedication to worker safety, the ergonomic tool promotes safe operation with shielded blades that prevent cuts and lacerations.

The Miller® MB04 is compatible with a wide range of flat cable brands including Commscope®, Corning, Draka/Comteq, OFS, Prysmian, Superior Essex and more. The tool accommodates cable widths ranging from 0.305″ to 0.350″ (7.7 mm to 8.9 mm), cable heights ranging from 0.155″ to 0.185″ (3.9 mm to 4.7 mm) and jacket thicknesses from 0.03″ to 0.04″ (0.76 mm to 1.0 mm). See the tool in action here: https://www.ripley-tools.com/fiber-optic-cable/fiber-optic-cable-slitters/mb04.

Every MB04 includes two reversible spare blades and an installation tool conveniently stored within the tool, in addition to the two blades already installed. For additional information on the MB04 or to locate an authorized Ripley distributor, visit www.ripley-tools.com or call 1-860-635-2200 or toll-free at 1-800-528-8665.

The MB04 is being introduced as part of the Miller® brand of products manufactured by Ripley Tools LLC. Miller® products are designed and manufactured for installers and contractors in the Electrical, Fiber Optic, Electronics and Telecommunications industries.

Since 1936, Ripley Tools has been proudly designing, manufacturing and assembling quality products. Ripley is a leading manufacturer of cable preparation and testing tools for the CATV, Fiber Optic, Electrical, Home Integration, Telecom and Utility Markets under the brands Miller®, Cablematic®, UtilityTool® and ODM.

For more information about Ripley Tools, please contact us at 1-860-635-2200 (toll-free in the USA: 800-528-8665) or by e-mail: info@ripley-tools.com. Ripley products and authorized distributors can also be found at www.ripley-tools.com.  

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