A Cinematic Experience via the Slo-Motion Photobooth by Xplosive Entertainment

Xplsoive Entertainment again has the latest and greatest in photo booth trends. This time, it's the Slow Motion Booth gives customers a cinematic experience they can play back as they dance the night away at their event.

High end boutique Entertainment Company Xplosive Entertainment does it again! Introducing the newest and most intense entertainment booth perfect for your wedding, mitzvah, sweet sixteen, or other special event; the Slow Motion Booth. This new booth isn't just photos- (cause where we would be the fun in that) it's also video. Xplosive Entertainment President Mike Langsner explains that, "slow motion has been used for years in cinema because it's impactful, for our clients that means those moments go from meaningful to unforgettable."

To use the Slo-Motion booth guests step in front of the camera and are filmed as well as photographed while various freeze frames are incorporated into the video. Upon playback, guests can see themselves in cinematic style moments such as mid-kiss, mid-confetti drop, mid-silly string, etc. in slow motion. The photos that are taken in the booth like others can be shared on social media or printed to make the perfect favor for your guests. Add a special touch by sharing them right on the tv screens during the party. In addition, we will make all videos and photos saved on a UBS drive. That way your event can enjoy them long after that special day has come and gone.

When planning our special events, the goal is to make sure our guests not only have a great time but an experience. Photo booths have become a big way to do that. It entertains the wallflowers and is another great way for guests to have fun. Adding a video element is what elevates that fun moment to an exciting experience. Be sure to check out the video and see for yourselves just how much fun this booth really is at http://youtu.be/JbFDbu_Q5P0

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