A Breakthrough Children's Supplement "O'-Fish'-Ally" Hits the Market: NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid

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​Today it’s “O-Fish-Al”! NeoLife International, a name synonymous with superior quality nutrition for nearly 60 years, has just announced a breakthrough children’s product: NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid.

NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid was created to take a stand against sub-standard nutrition products marketed to children. “We’re sick and tired of seeing kids that are sick and tired, as well as product after product on store shelves that taste great but lose nutritional value in the process,” says NeoLife CEO, Kendra Brassfield.

"We're sick and tired of seeing kids that are sick and tired, as well as product after product on store shelves that taste great but lose nutritional value in the process!"

Kendra Brassfield, CEO

NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid stays true to the company’s ‘based in nature, backed by science’ product philosophy, and stamped with the Scientific Advisory Board seal of approval that represents a worldwide network of nutrition experts, doctors, scientists, and research facilities that are dedicated to delivering optimum health based on nature’s blueprint. NeoLife has been providing families with quality supplements since 1958, giving parents added peace of mind with a trusted name.

Set Apart

NeoLife is an established name in the scientific nutrition research community, with study results published in world-leading scientific journals like the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of the American College of Nutrition amongst others. Their Omega-3 supplementation is no exception, the study was cited in the New England Journal of Medicine and the results were presented and published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) in April 2008.

In an eight-week study, NeoLife Salmon Oil Plus was clinically proven to reduce the inflammatory index by up to 68% and reduce triglycerides by up to 17%*! This incredibly powerful formula was used as a benchmark to develop NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid, making it the first and only liquid omega-3 product that features standardized amounts of all 8 omega-3s involved in human nutrition.

NeoLife VP of Product, Science and Technology, Mark Lowman, explains, “NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid is the latest product resulting from NeoLife’s decades long commitment to researching the science and nutrition of omega-3 fatty acids, and to the development of leading edge omega-3 products. Omega-3 fatty acids in NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid are critical to brain, neuronal and vision development in children as well as learning and cognitive development.”


Each teaspoon provides the omega-3 equivalent to approximately 1 serving of fresh salmon. Every serving exceeds the USDA daily requirements and delivers the daily recommended amounts of omega-3 intake by providing 1,070mg of omega-3 fatty acids, including 460mg EPA and 480mg DHA. It promotes optimal heart health, brain development & concentration, learning capacity, vision and more.*

Created with a Promise

NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid is delivered with a promise—made only from ultrapure and potent fish oil that has been screened for 200+ potential contaminants. NO potentially dangerous stimulants and NO artificial anything ­– including no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Taste Profile

Crafted in small batches, the taste profile of NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid is a subtle and pleasant natural lemon flavor. It can be enjoyed on it’s own or creatively added to your favorite dishes. Perfect for children and adults, especially those who may have a hard time swallowing capsules.

Value for Money

For those who want to be a customer and experience the health benefits of superior nutrition, NeoLife offers a Member program through NeoLife Cub. Joining is free, simple and gives valued customers the ability to shop at a special 15-25% discount, as well as access to nutritional education, free product when you refer friends, weight loss and fitness challenges, and fun events around the country.

A Platform for Success

NeoLife’s ongoing commitment to quality spans far beyond their products, and includes an opportunity for individuals to start and build residual income generating businesses that can be passed down for the wellbeing of future generations.

 About NeoLife International

We are a global health and wellness company committed to helping people take control of their health, not only physically but also financially. With over 50 years of experience, and currently operating in over 50 countries, we offer peace of mind that the success you build with our family is one you can pass down to future generations.

Since 1958, we have been providing health for the whole family, with our whole food NeoLife nutritionals, scientifically formulated Nutriance personal care, and environmentally friendly Golden Home Care.

For more information on the new NeoLife Omega-3 Liquid and other products, please visit neolifeclub.com or call 800.432.5842. To reach a direct company representative for media inquiries, please call  510.651.0405. To learn how to build a foundation of good nutrition for you and your loved ones, visit shareneolife.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Source: NeoLife International

About NeoLife International

We are a global health and wellness company committed to helping people take control of their health.

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