A. Blair Enterprises, Inc. Releases 'SPOT ON' - Software That Will Transform the Yard Management Industry

Exciting news for manufacturers and distribution centers

A. Blair Enterprises Inc., a nationwide leader in trailer spotting, has developed "SPOT ON," a groundbreaking, innovative, propriety software package that will transform transportation's most neglected sector: yard management.

"SPOT ON" software is a small portion of services provided by A. Blair Enterprises; click here to learn about A. Blair Enterprises' total yard management services: www.goablair.com.

Covid 19 had an astounding effect on the successful business model that had been in place for more than 38 years for A. Blair Enterprises. This carrier made massive changes in its core purpose to support its customers and navigate unprecedented times. During this shift, an area of transportation often neglected by carriers and manufacturers alike was discovered: yard management. 

Then, by mining this specific sector of the transportation industry, A. Blair Enterprises Inc. soon found that carriers, manufacturers, and even specialists in this industry were failing to provide proper management and contingencies for equipment and labor. Furthermore, none of these companies could accurately identify, track, and report trailer spotting and transfers within their yards.

Lesser yard management software is included in some much broader programs that handle all aspects of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. However, those programs are less detailed and cannot be purchased separately, creating an extremely expensive, if not wholly, unaffordable option. 

"SPOT ON" will be included as an integral part of our services to all new customers, increasing their production, which will help offset if not pay for our services." - Tom Robertson, President, A. Blair Enterprises, Inc.

"SPOT ON" will eliminate demurrage, and the need for costly yard checks, provide accurate locations, deliver digital dispatching of all trailer or container movements, give precise time at the dock and in the yard, and create customized detailed reports on demand.  

In other words, "SPOT ON" will provide total control and visibility of all Yard Management, maximizing efficiency and productivity. 

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