$99 Bed Bug Relief Kit Will Change the Trajectory of Bed Bugs in USA

The Bed Bug Easy DIY Treatment Kit is the best solution to date because every American can afford it, it's EPA compliant, non-toxic and pest professional approved. Every family in America should have it under the sink or be able to buy it at their local drug store when urgency strikes.

"A few years ago I had an encounter with bed bugs at home. For treatment I could buy a $10 fogger, go it alone or hire a pest professional for more than $500," said an inventor from Poway, CA. "Seeing the disparity I decided to quit my six figure job, form a licensed pest control company and provide an affordable, effective and non-toxic DIY bed bug product for low to middle income families. Now, for $99 every American can treat bed bugs in up to 3 rooms, just like a licensed pest professional." 

Ideal to stock in households, health departments, homeless shelters and dorms, the easy-to-use Bed Bug Easy DIY Treatment Kit provides an immediate solution to stop the panic and infestation. The kit includes 4 scientifically proven products to capture and kill bed bugs, nymphs and eggs, a must have educational pamphlet from licensed bed bug experts and treatment directions provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Items are made in the USA, trademarks and patents are approved or pending.

"The EPA has provided specific instructions that people can treat bed bugs and as a licensed pest management company we have identified what is non-toxic and effective, award winning even."

Kirsten VanderJagt, Founder

"When you see the map of bed bugs sweeping across the USA at www.bedbugregistry.com  and lack of options for people earning $20,000 - $60,000, meanwhile we have the solution; we feel it is our responsibility to bring it forward. The kit works and it's affordable, like a lice kit but for bed bugs! The best part is, it's eco-friendly... just needs some elbow-grease. We will see long term gains with this DIY product." said Founder and CEO Kirsten VanderJagt

Although bed bugs can be treated with heat or chemistry it still requires cleaning and diligence, and in the end it can cost several hundred dollars. Like lice though, if you are diligent and know what to do you can succeed; and with this $99 kit you will be prepared in the future. 

"Just last week a woman burned down 48 apartments trying to treat bed bugs herself, and in every bed bug task force meeting we discuss consumer education and proper cleaning as paramount in bed bug eradication," said Sales Director, Farren Alcoser. This kit is the first turn-key product to address these needs. "It can be used as a stand alone product or prior to pest professional service. When a person says I have bed bugs, hand them our Bed Bug Easy DIY Treatment Kit and schedule further action as necessary. Don't leave them empty handed."

We are taking bulk orders from big box retailers, universities, public health departments and licensed pest professionals. Individual orders can be placed on our website www.yuckbedbugs.com  Contact Yuck Bed Bugs, Inc. 12946 Standish Dr. Poway, CA 92064 Phone (858) 735-6588 or email info@yuckbedbugs.com 

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