7taps to Turn Corporate Learning into Instagramming, Bringing an Unprecedented 99% Course-Completion Rate

500 million people swipe through Instagram Stories as part of their daily routine. 7taps launches a new learning management system that leans upon this habit to (finally) engage the modern workforce in training.

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Today's businesses struggle to train employees. The reason: Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have transformed the way people consume information. Old training formats no longer resonate with modern learners, with completion rates as low as 15%. 7taps proves that corporate learning can be different. Each 7taps course looks like Instagram stories with GIFs, podcasts, and quizzes. And learners don't have to sign in or download any app to view the course. This all brings an unprecedented 99% completion rate among learners.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, 7taps' mission is to ensure continued accessible learning for all kinds of companies, especially those who had to cut down on personnel or on pricey and complicated training solutions. With 7taps, anyone in the team can quickly prepare and deploy an eCourse to get colleagues from 'not knowing' to 'doing' in as short a time as possible. The tool reduces time to develop online training by 70% because everything to create a compelling eCourse is already built-in: design, storytelling, and microlearning techniques. 

"We give our customers a superpower to finally get through to their employees. Our approach transforms corporate learning into something your employees want to do, not something they are forced to deal with," remarked 7taps founder Kate Udalova. "We looked to develop an insanely simple product from the outset. It guides the user to create clear and well-structured courses. And no pre-training is required to operate 7taps. The result is a product which HR specialists or even business owners can use to build high-impact courses in minutes."

A global shift to remote working is yet another major trend that makes 7taps an indispensable tool. Harvard Business Review surveyed 20,000 workers from around the globe and found that working from home was less motivating. Boring and unengaging training is part of this problem. With its novel and fresh approach to team training, 7taps is a solution that will increase engagement and motivation among the modern workforce.

"To grab the attention of modern learners, you need fundamentally different tools than you use right now. 7taps allows you to build impactful training, without the need to outsource the task to L&D professionals," noted Alfredo Iglesias, Technology Evangelist and recipient of CLO Magazine Gold Award in Excellence in Social Learning.

Beginning today, 7taps has opened up for businesses from all over the world. Sign up for free at 7taps.co.

Media Contact: Kate Udalova kate@7taps.co

Source: 7taps Inc.


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7taps is an insanely simple learning management system. Each 7taps course looks like Instagram stories with GIFs, podcasts, and quizzes. This all brings an unprecedented 99% completion rate among learners

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