71% of Jobseekers Say COVID-19 Changed the Role They're Looking for - CareerAddict Reveals

A healthy work environment and flexibility are now highly influential factors that drive jobseekers in 2022, according to a study by CareerAddict.com.

Post-Pandemic Job Search - CareerAddict Study

A recent study by CareerAddict, a leading, online career resource, has uncovered the latest job search trends in today's post-pandemic era. The 'Shift in Worker Expectations Post-Pandemic' study aims to explain the elements that comprise the driving force behind the Great Resignation, a term coined by organizational psychologist Anthony Klotz to describe the high, ongoing quit rates around the world.

A significant finding of the study was that 71% of jobseekers agreed that COVID-19 changed the type of work they were looking for. Among the main reasons for this collective shift in direction were the increased desire for flexibility and concerns around health, safety, and hygiene.

As Christopher Thoma, Head of Media & Marketing at CareerAddict, stated, "Prior to the pandemic, a healthy work environment wasn't much of a consideration for most workers. Fast forward to 2022, it's become an incredibly important factor..."

The survey also found that 60% of employees left their jobs in search of healthier work environments. Low pay, a lack of advancement opportunities, and feeling disrespected were the top reasons for job dissatisfaction. These factors fueled the Big Quit momentum even at a time of increased uncertainty caused by COVID-19. According to the data, 41% of jobseekers were not hindered by COVID-19 in their efforts to find better opportunities.

While this was anticipated, a surprising conclusion derived from the study was that 61% of jobseekers said the opportunity to work remotely was not a job search factor for them. Unlike previous years, remote work seems to no longer be considered as an important benefit by employees. The only age group that expressed a preference were jobseekers aged between 55 and 64, with 59% stating that remote work had been a search criterion in their job search.

As the job market undergoes notable changes, companies must continuously reassess their approach to hiring. While COVID-19 caused many people to reevaluate their needs and priorities, both on a personal and professional level, good pay, a healthy work environment, and progression opportunities are now the most desirable employment factors for jobseekers.

It appears that companies that fail to reward and value their staff will not only fail to attract new talent but also lose the fight against plummeting retention rates.

To see the full study PDF and all findings, visit https://www.careeraddict.com/.

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