6AM City, the Fastest Growing Newsletter-First Local Media Company in the United States, Announces National Drink Up Week

Through a nationally coordinated initiative, 6AM City will organize and publicize local celebrations of beverages simultaneously in all 24 of the company's cities.

6AM City - Drink Up

6AM City has announced the first annual National Drink Up Week, a full week celebrating the local beverage industry in major cities across the U.S. Throughout this exciting week, from July 25-31, 6AM City's publications will shine a spotlight on the local beverage-makers and businesses that make each city unique, while encouraging the community to come out and experience the beverage scene in new ways.

"From a first date over coffee to celebratory drinks with the team after a big win, sharing a beverage has long been a way to bring people together," 6AM City CEO Ryan Johnston said. "As a participatory media brand, we see National Drink Up Week as a way to recognize, engage and connect our audience with the people behind their favorite drinks and maybe discover a new favorite in the process." 

The beverage industry pours more than $146 billion in revenue into the U.S. economy every year and is incredibly diverse in its offerings. National Drink Up Week will celebrate anything you can drink: from coffee and tea to seltzer and soda to cocktails, beer and wine. Each of 6AM City's markets will have its own celebration, recognized via coverage and promotions in each of the company's 24 daily newsletters and via social media using the hashtags #DrinkUpWeek and one for each city: #DrinkUpAsheville; #DrinkUpAustin; #DrinkUpBoston; etc. A full list of participating cities is available at 6amcity.com and in the section below.

Leading up to and during this week-long celebration, 6AM City's editorial teams will identify and recognize the entrepreneurs, mixologists, venues, history, and drinks that make each city's beverage scene unique, while encouraging and highlighting community participation.

Local coffee shops, breweries, bars and restaurants, wineries, cideries, soda and seltzer makers, smoothie bars, and any other beverage provider are encouraged to participate in National Drink Up Week and take advantage of the promotion via the local hashtags and by connecting directly with the 6AM City local teams. National Drink Up Week events, specials, and other opportunities will be featured in our newsletters leading up to and during the week of July 25. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. For more information and a media kit, go to https://6amcity.com/advertise/

For all media inquiries, please contact: Liam Whalen | LWhalen@6AMcity.com | 978-875-0399

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Source: 6AM City