69% of US Workers Are Ready to Quit Their Jobs If the Salary Doesn't Rise - Jooble Survey

Willingness to resign because of wages

The survey conducted by job aggregator Jooble covered various aspects of American workers' salary expectations, including when they last received a raise, their satisfaction with their current salary level, and their motivation for a raise.

The situation with salary increases

Most respondents (35.4%) answered that they received a salary increase over a year ago, while 29.7% three months ago. 19.5% a year ago, and 15.4% of respondents about six months ago.

However, despite these salary increases, nearly half (49.4%) of respondents are unhappy with their current salary level, while 50.6% are satisfied. 62.3% of respondents said they plan to ask their employer about a salary increase next quarter, and 37.7% do not intend to. The motivation for a salary increase varies, with an increase in the average salary in the market being the most significant factor, followed by raising their qualifications, working for a long time in one place, and inflation. Of those surveyed, 58.2% of workers would choose to talk to their current employer about a raise, while 41.8% would prefer to find a new job with a higher salary.

Willingness to quit due to salary and motivation

According to a Jooble survey, 69.8% of specialists working in the USA are ready to quit if their wages are not increased, and 30.2% of those surveyed are not ready to do so. Regarding the percentage of salary increase that would satisfy them, most respondents (34.2%) would be happy with an increase of 10-20%, while 28.7% would be satisfied with a 20-30% salary increase. Additionally, 20.3% of respondents stated that a 40% increase would satisfy them, while only 16.8% would be content with a 10% raise.

Most respondents (81.1%) would be satisfied with a non-material incentive, such as payment of training by the company, a paid vacation, or other motivating opportunities, instead of a material promotion, and 18.9% of specialists would not be satisfied with it.

In 35% of cases, fear of job loss motivates people not to ask for a salary increase. Other common reasons they mentioned were short working time at the current place and previous arrangements with the employer.

Jooble analysts conducted the survey based on 1,264 American workers between April 15 and May 15, 2022. Jooble surveyed specialists from the hotel and restaurant sector, education, IT, production, construction, agricultural, medical, logistics, and others. The survey sample included 48.3% of respondents with five or more years of professional experience, 19.1% with one to three years of experience, 17.7% with up to one year of experience and 14.8% with three to five years of experience. The anonymous questionnaire consisted of 13 questions with suggested answer options and the possibility of allowing the respondent to express a point of view. Respondents over the age of 18 took part in the survey. The statistical error does not exceed 3%.

Source: Jooble

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