600 Million People Are Being Ignored Every Day - 50 Million of Them Are in the USA

Svetlana Kouznetsova, author of "Sound Is Not Enough: Captioning as Universal Design" warns that businesses who ignore deaf and hard of hearing people are missing out on a market that tops 600 million people around the world.

"Sound Is Not Enough" dispels many common myths about the deaf and hard of hearing community. It delves into captioning solutions that are being used by people who have no difficulty hearing at all, proving that captioning need not be a divisive issue. The book's intended audience is wide, as with the dawn of the Internet has come an implosion of media producers, including but not limited to: businesses, website owners, teachers, video producers, media owners, event organizers, educators and even employers.

The book is based on the personal experiences of the author and the first 9 pages can be read free from the author's book page at http://www.audio-accessibility.com/book.

Svetlana is concerned that the growth in global communications and marketing is making a financial and social mistake in leaving behind such a large segment of society.

She says: "If you market your product or services using audio techniques (audio, video,
 podcasts, webinars, live events), your message is being missed by them, unless
 it is coupled with quality human-made verbatim captions and transcripts."

Svetlana is a driven and passionate advocate for more technologically advanced, and enhanced audio accessibility. She is available for speaking engagements and businesses interested in contacting her for consultation or training workshops should contact her through the website at http://www.audio-accessibility.com/contact.

Source: Audio Accessibility


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