55ip Launches Tax Managed Index Strategy Solution, Giving Advisors a New Differentiator

Advisors can now offer custom index strategies with the dual benefit of lower product fees and improved after-tax returns, implemented with intelligent automation.


55ip, a tech-enabled investment strategy engine that empowers advisors to own and automate custom investment strategies using sophisticated quantitative capabilities, today announced the launch of a tax managed index strategy solution, now available on its platform.  Advisors can leverage 55ip’s new solution to help improve after-tax returns across their client portfolios by combining active tax management with custom index strategies built with low-cost ETFs. The compounding impact of addressing these controllable variables can add significant value to client outcomes and differentiate the advisor’s investment management practice.

“Advisors and wealth managers are burning time and costs trying to provide tax management for their client portfolios, and many aren’t doing it at all,” said Paul Gamble, CEO of 55ip. “55ip enables advisors to achieve the same exposures, customize the portfolios with blended indices, add tax alpha and turn on intelligent automation for straight-through processing and scalability.”

55ip’s investment strategy engine runs on proprietary, machine learning algorithms and disruptive tax technology that allow advisors to achieve similar exposures to tax-managed strategies with single stocks, yet with fewer holdings, less trading and low tracking error. This approach, delivered via the 55ip platform, streamlines the entire process to a few simple steps so advisors can easily scale a personalized approach across their client base.

“We’re very excited about the ability of 55ip’s investment strategy engine to help us respond to the unique investment objectives of each of client with more cost-effective vehicles and the potential compounded growth resulting from active tax management,” said Sasha Kovriga, co-CIO and Partner at Vine Street Wealth Management, LLC, in Mill Valley, California.

Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder and Chairman of 55ip, and Wes Graves, SVP of Sales for 55ip, will be discussing custom index strategies and active tax management on a webinar hosted by RIA Channel on May 29, 2019. Register for “Active Tax Management – New Strategies and Solutions for Improved Outcomes.” 

About 55ip

55ip’s investment strategy engine enables financial advisors and wealth managers to both own and automate their investment strategies, fueling a differentiated value proposition while freeing critical time to focus on client relationships. With 55ip, advisors can seamlessly incorporate sophisticated quantitative capabilities and scalable portfolio implementation into their practices, facilitating the entire investment management workflow from client-level strategy customization for lower fees, taxes and risk of extreme losses through trade execution. More information is available at https://www.55-ip.com.

For media inquiries, contact Jennifer Root, 55ip, 617.960.9653.

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55ip's sophisticated quantitative capabilities and disruptive tax technology empower advisors with a differentiated investment story and intelligent automation to help them deepen client relationships and scale their practices.

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