500apps Launches Sign.ly, an Electronic Signature App for Growing Businesses, to Its Infinity Suite

Sign.ly, a product in 500apps Infinity suite, helps businesses save tremendous amounts of time by signing electronically.

500apps, the all-in-one growing suite of cloud-based apps from the founder of Agile CRM, today announced the release of Sign.ly to its Infinity suite. The easy-to-use e-signature app can help growing businesses get their contracts and legal documents signed in as little as a few seconds without relying on printers, scanners, and fax machines. Its a strong entrant in the eSignature software industry with competitors SignEasy, PandaDoc, and DocuSign. 

To date, Sign.ly has received critical acclaim from beta users who are already benefiting from the solution.

Sign.ly Benefits

Exponentially saves time: Businesses can simplify their signature signing processes with paperless electronic signatures and document templates. Paperless digital signatures and document templates allow users to send documents and receive signatures within virtually no time. 

Reduces carbon footprint: Before, to get any legal documents or contracts signed, businesses would have to print, scan, and fax numerous paper documents. And they’ll also have to file and save their important documents. With Sign.ly, businesses can now leave a smaller carbon footprint because of paperless, electronic documents and signatures. 

Easily receive multiple signatures for one document: Businesses can now get multiple signatures for one document in their designated areas seamlessly.   

Increased data security: The majority of important documents are stored in filing cabinets with the only measure of security from prying eyes is a set of keys. With Sign.ly, businesses can protect their data on a cloud-based server using 120-bit encryption. 

“With Sign.ly, we’re helping businesses close more deals and grow faster without relying on printers and fax machines,” said Sign.ly CEO, Manohar Chapalamadugu.

“But Sign.ly isn’t the only solution that we offer that’s geared towards business growth. We also provide growing businesses with various solutions, available in our all-in-one, cost-efficient Infinity suite, 500apps.”

How to get started with Sign.ly by 500apps 

To get started using Sign.ly, navigate to https://sign.ly/ and sign up online. Plus, it offers a free 30-day trial, so there’s nothing to lose. 

About Sign.ly by 500apps

A 500apps e-signature solution, Sign.ly delivers customization, streamlined document signing, and more on a feature-rich platform. A powerful and affordable digital signature tool for growth-oriented businesses.

Sign.ly by 500apps

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