500 Doctors, Experts to Converge at Vitamin D Deficiency Conference in Abu Dhabi

• Under the auspicious of VPS Healthcare the 4th International Vitamin D Deficiency Conference is held for the fourth consecutive year • 28 doctors, scientists and experts from the field of Vitamin D are going to join from across the world

The two-day “4th International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Clinical Implications” patronized by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, Govt. of UAE, is being held in Abu Dhabi. Buoyed by the success of previous three previous successful conferences from 2012 to 2014, this year meeting the conference will focus on the latest clinical evidence for vitamin D on human health throughout the life cycle. The conference will be held at the Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi on 19th – 20th March, 2015.The program will include talks and discussions on recent updates in the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency and its clinical implications.

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, President of the conference and Managing Director of VPS Healthcare is a strong supporter of Vitamin D Research in the UAE. Dr. Shamsheer has created an R & D at VPS Healthcare with an allocation of a million US dollar vitamin D research project headed by Dr. Afrozul Haq. "The event will give opportunity to the participants to meet with some of the world’s leading vitamin D experts coming from the USA, Europe, India, UAE and other parts of the world. Discussions will include the implementation of the new guidelines about Vitamin D Testing, Supplementation, fortification and toxicity for the population of the UAE with national and international experts during the conference," said Dr Afrozul Haq, Principal Scientist, R & D Division, VPS Healthcare, and the Chairman of the conference.

The Middle East and North Africa Conference is a pioneering initiative to promote high quality continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) for medical Fraternity. It aims to combine independent and detailed content with adult learning principles, novel ideas and multiple medical education formats.

Sandeep Kumar Singh, Account Manager

The event is expected to inspire and connect leaders, decision makers, doctors, scientists, technologists, public servants and academics to enhance the awareness, quality and safety practices to understand and prevent vitamin D deficiency and how best to bring it to fruition in policy and practice for government and private sector.

The topic is of utmost importance for UAE as 86 per cent tested population is grappling with the deficiency. Some of the expats coming to UAE also face the problem within the years of coming to the UAE. The conference will have experts from USA, Europe and Asian countries, who will provide cutting-edge information on how to deal with widespread vitamin D deficiency.