50,000 Medical Essential Kits for Hospitals

Surgical masks, gloves, and items needed by healthcare heroes to fight Corona Virus

COVID Kits - Medical Essential Packs for Healthcare Workers

​​​Military nonprofit, Troopster, is poised to help America’s COVID-19 front line heroes by sending PPE medical essential kits. Using their warehouse and package production capabilities the company plans to raise $1.1M to send 50,000 medical kits containing PPE equipment, protein bars, snacks, and other items to COVID-19 caretakers across the country.

“To date, we have raised $43,000 for our initiative, received pledges of more than 50,000 hygiene items, and have purchased our first round of N-95 masks which we are prepping to send in the first batch of 600 medical essential kits,” said Chelsea Mandello Founder and CEO of Troopster. “With the money raised from our national GoFundMe campaign and thanks to corporate product donations, Troopster has the infrastructure to support these healthcare heroes.”

Experienced in sending more than 12,000 care packages around the world to deployed military personnel, Troopster is a veteran-owned and operated online care package shopping platform. In April, Troopster, while still dedicating its efforts to sending care packages, included a new focus to address the immediate needs of America’s Doctors, Corpsmen, Nurses, Volunteers, EMT’s, Policeman and Firefighters.

Mandello says she has worked closely with health care employees, nurses, doctors, corpsmen and subject matter experts to identify health care facilities across the country in the greatest need and is ready to move forward but needs help in affording the upfront costs associated with this project.

Statement by ICU Nurse (ret.), Elaine Banerjee:

“As a retired intensive care nurse, I have volunteered to come out of retirement to help fight again the Corona Virus. Together we stand united to defend the most vulnerable among us,” said Banerjee. “What we do today and how we join together to protect those most vulnerable will define us. It’s important that we stand together to help our healthcare workers who have been called to duty, leaving their safe havens behind to fight this virus.”

Troopster is seeking individual and corporate contributions as well as excess inventory donations. Individuals interested in supporting this mission can contact Chelsea at info@troopster.org or via phone at 757-276-1337. Contributions can be made by visiting the Troopster fundraiser at https://www.gf.me/u/xvjnxs or by texting ‘COVID19' to 855-202-2100 to get a link to donate.

Troopster® is a leading cause-driven organization that supports the U.S. military community through the vanguard of care package services. Troopster has sent more than 12,000 care packages to troops deployed across more than 22 countries. Founded in 2015, Troopster is veteran-owned and operated, and headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, home of the largest naval military installation in the world. To learn more about Troopster® or to send a military care package, please visit www.troopster.org.​

Media Contact:
Chelsea Mandello
Phone: 757-276-1337
Email: cmandello@troopster.org

Source: Troopster

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Troopster is a 501(c)3 cause-driven organization, founded in 2015 by a U.S. veteran to support the Armed Forces community, deployed service members, military spouses and families with a resource to send/receive personalized and unique care packages.

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