5 Ways Parents Can Get Extra Cash

iQuanti: One of the many responsibilities that parents must carry is the financial burden of caring for themselves and their children. Despite a parent's best efforts, there may come a time when they don't have funds to cover unexpected costs or even the ones they can usually anticipate. In any case, it's important to have options for easy cash access so that they can be prepared for any scenario. Below are just a few ways parents can secure extra cash to help fund any essential or emergency expenses:

1. Ask for help

The thought of asking loved ones for cash can be daunting sometimes, but it's one of the simplest ways to secure funding without high fees or lengthy applications. Many friends and family members are happy to help their loved one in a time of need when they can. 

For any parent feeling nervous about asking for help from someone they know, they should consider whether they might help their loved ones if they were in a position to do so. If the answer is yes, it's likely that if the roles were reversed, the answer would be the same. 

2. Get a line of credit

line of credit is a great option for getting flexible funds quickly. With this loan, a borrower can use up to a certain amount as predetermined by the lender. Borrowers will only need to repay and pay interest on what they actually spend, not the entire line of credit. For those who simply want access to funds but don't necessarily need a hefty loan, a line of credit may be the right choice. 

By choosing the right lender, the process is that much easier. Advance America offers lines of credit with simple applications and quick approval, helping to get cash to those in need quickly. 

3. Pawn or sell items

Parents looking to secure funds may find that pawning or selling items is the best of both worlds. Not only can they get extra cash, but they can also declutter their space. If time allows, pause and assess items that are no longer needed and search online to see if they're worth selling. 

For those not necessarily looking to get rid of anything but still needing temporary funds, a pawn shop loan may be a good idea. These loans allow parents to offer an item as collateral to secure a loan with the pawn shop.

4. Opt for a cash advance

Ideal for short-term needs, a cash advance allows parents to secure funds when financial needs arise between paychecks. This loan works by supplying a smaller amount of money designed to sustain borrowers until their next payday.

Cash advances can work well for smaller expenses like unexpected field trips or grocery costs between paychecks. But keep in mind that since they are optimized for short-term use, cash advances usually have higher fees and interest than traditional loans. 

5. Pick up a side hustle

Nowadays, there are more opportunities than ever to make cash online or unconventionally. If time allows, picking up a side hustle to help earn extra cash every week is a great option for bolstering spending money and lowering the need for last-minute emergency loans. Whether it's ridesharing or food delivery while the kids are at school or freelance writing, there are options for parents wanting to increase income flow. 

The bottom line

When it comes to parenting, there are plenty of costs - both planned and unplanned. In the event of covering emergency expenses, rest assured there are options out there to help get cash quickly. Whether it be reaching out to friends and family for help or working with a lender to secure a line of credit, there are many ways parents can help meet their family's needs.

Source: iQuanti