5 Reasons Why ADC Is the Best Latin Cruise Ever! 

The Aventura Dance Cruise is the best latin dance cruise ever because it is the worlds largest latin dance cruise, it give you a sense of family, it has the worlds best latin dance and concert artists, the 5-star customer service, and you can always expect the unexpected. Aventura Dance Cruise is the adventure of a lifetime!

5 reasons why ADC is the best Latin cruise ever! 


"A weekend full of get-away thrills you will never forget!"

Moshe Rasier, Producer, Owner

Aventura Dance Cruise (ADC) brings together thousands of dancers from all around the world who share a similar passion for Latin Music and Dance. This love for the art form makes for a very unique family atmosphere. 

2) World's Largest Latin Dance Cruise

ADC is the Worlds largest Latin dance cruise and continues to grow year over year as news travels about the remarkable, life changing experiences our attendees have had. Because of this ADC has had the most Latin dance full ship charters ever! 

3) World's Best Latin Dancers &  Artists  

ADC is like no other! We hand pick our talent from around the world to provide our guest with the highest quality workshops, parties, concerts, and shows. 

You can learn to dance through World Class workshops, watch amazing showcases that will make your hair stand on end, and attend the best parties that are sure to keep the boat rocking all night long. 

You can vacation with your favorite Latin Grammy Award winning artist and enjoy all their hits during their live concert all in the same place.  

Our concert announcements are one of the most exciting things our guests look forward to every year. On February 1st ADC announced their first concert for #ADC2016. The world renowned Grupo Niche from Colombia will be celebrating their 35-year anniversary on board, with us. Joining Grupo Niche are, Latin Grammy Award-Winners, Tito El Bambino and New Swing Sextet and Bachata artist Johnny Sky. 

4) 5-Star Customer Service

Our ADC staff is made up of a group of passionate and creative individuals who prioritize making the ADC experience memorable. From our customer service, to our production team, every member contributes their all to make sure you have the vacation of a lifetime! 

5) Expect the Unexpected!

As leaders in the industry, ADC will always bring something new to the table. Our mission is to over deliver on innovation and expectations, making every cruise different and more memorable than the last. In other words, every cruise will blow your mind!

ADC is available for television, radio, and print interviews, as well as public speaking engagements. for more information please contact Info@AventuraDanceCruise.com 

"A weekend full of get-away thrills you will never forget!"


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