5 Easy Ways to Get Fast Cash This Fall 2022

iQuanti: Is money getting tight? With inflation at 40-year highs, many people who were already living paycheck to paycheck are wondering how they'll be able to get by financially now that the price of nearly everything has gone up. Fortunately, you don't have to stress. There's always the option to borrow money or earn a few quick bucks taking on side hustles. Here are five practical ways to get fast cash this fall:

1. Sell unwanted items

What do you have lying around your house that you no longer use? Here are some examples:

  • Clothes that you don't wear
  • Small kitchen appliances that you haven't tried in years
  • Sports gear that you no longer use

Don't let those things sit around and collect dust. List them on a site like Facebook Marketplace or eBay, and turn them into cash. 

2. Take up a side hustle

Are you willing to work a few extra hours to earn some extra cash? If so, there are thousands of great money-making opportunities that are easy to do and won't take up too much of your time. Some of the most popular side hustles include:

  • Freelancing, such as managing other people's social media accounts.
  • Grocery shopping for other people.
  • Picking up food from restaurants and delivering it.

The great thing about many side hustles is that you get paid almost immediately. On top of that, you can work as much or as little as you want, so you're in control at all times.

3. Apply for a personal loan

If you need money relatively quickly and don't have the time to earn it or sell your old items, then you could always take out a personal loan. Personal loans are when a lender gives you a certain amount of money and you agree to pay them back in fixed intervals, usually with a specific amount of interest.

Many personal loans are secured, meaning that they'll require you to offer some form of collateral like your house or car. You can also apply for what's called an unsecured loan, where no collateral is required. These types of loans are usually for smaller amounts and often carry higher interest rates, but you won't risk losing an item you own if you can't repay what you owe. 

4. Take out a title loan

If your credit score is an issue that may prevent you from taking out a personal loan, another avenue to try is a title loan. Title loans are short-term loans where borrowers put up their vehicles as collateral in return for up to 50% of the vehicle's value.

Many title lenders have less strict credit score requirements, so nearly anyone can be approved and walk away with thousands of dollars within a few minutes. But keep in mind that the lender can repossess your car if you don't pay back the loan, so make sure you have a good repayment plan in place before applying.

5. Borrow money from family and friends

Finally, if all else fails, you've always got the option to borrow money from your family and friends. Many may be willing to help if you're truly struggling and can formally commit to some agreeable payback terms.

If you use this option, just be sure to make paying them back a top priority. Unlike a bank, the lenders are people who love you and would do anything to help. Failure to pay them back would be a violation of that trust and could cause permanent damage to the relationship.

The bottom line

Cash might be tight, but you've got options for getting the funding you need. Actions like selling your old items or taking up a side hustle are a few ways to get fast cash. You could also always borrow money from a bank, title lender, or family and friends.

Source: iQuanti