5 Common Uses for Video Conferencing Provided by PresentAll

Online Video Conferencing is a technology that has become an important part of business today. PresentAll provides a feature rich easy to use video conferencing software for your business.

Online video conferencing is no longer the wave of the future. Many companies are already taking advantage of the ability to meet, train and collaborate online. 5 common uses for online video conferencing or webinar technology are:
1. Collaborating online on a project when individuals are not in the same geographic location.
2. Remotely training employees or business partners.
3. Conducting educational seminars about your products or services.
4. Holding board meetings.
5. Connecting with remote offices more often and more effectively.

If you have multiple offices, train employees, need to communicate with potential clients, or just need to communicate with more people in a shorter amount of time video web conferencing is a solution for you. Holding online meetings and connecting with others has never been easier. PresentAll is a video web conferencing company that allows participants to meet online using a computer and an internet connection. The system is web-based and you can be online meeting in as little as 10 minutes. Try it free today by visiting PresentAll - web video conferencing service or call 801-228-1736