4th Dimension Innovative Marketing Adds Dynamic Talent

The Director of Operations at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing discussed the firm's hiring push and the corporate values guiding it. He also shared his thoughts on why hiring new college graduates is beneficial.

“We are growing rapidly here at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing,” declared Garrett, the Director of Operations. “With so many new customers to reach, we know we need an infusion of top-flight talent. Our firm offers travel opportunities, extensive training, and personal development, which makes us a preferred landing spot for sharp candidates. We also emphasize teamwork in everything we do.”

The firm’s leaders are looking to fill entry-level positions, including customer service specialists and marketing representatives. The Director commented, “We seek people who have great attitudes and strong work ethics. Hard work is what it’s all about here at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, because that’s the only approach that leads to new ideas and creative solutions. Our core values of honesty, integrity, and inclusiveness help us stay ahead of the competition.”

"With so many new customers to reach, we know we need an infusion of top-flight talent."

Garrett, Director of Operations

New additions will be able to learn from the top performers at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing. Garrett singled out Austin G., Channi H., Austin V., and Sierra as a few of his highest achievers. He explained, “Austin G. and Channi are leading their team in new product promotions, and they are doing a great job of bringing everyone together for a common cause. Austin V. is a consummate hard worker and gives it his all every day, and Sierra is a top administrator who figured out how to apply her own style to make the team even better.”

Garrett motivates his team with the stories of Thomas Edison and Sir Roger Bannister. “Edison never gave up, even when he went through thousands of failed lightbulb prototypes,” the Director added. “Bannister broke the four-minute mile barrier when no one on Earth thought it was possible. There is simply no substitute for perseverance.”

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing’s Director on the Benefits of Hiring College Grads

The leaders at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing will be looking toward finding new college graduates as they build their team. Garrett explained, “Too many people are mystified about how to work with millennials. I’m not. I love what driven young people bring to the table.”

One thing the Director especially likes about college grads is their comfort level with new technology. “Millennials have a native understanding of media and emerging tech devices, and that is always helpful,” he said. “They are able to communicate pretty effortlessly and get up to speed on new concepts without much trouble.”

New grads are also open to change and willing to improve through critical feedback. Garrett stated, “Young people seem to be much less defensive when receiving criticism, which is in stark contrast to older pros who are set in their ways. We stress constant refinement and education here at 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing, so that quality serves our needs very well.”

About 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing

4th Dimension Innovative Marketing is a performance-driven firm. Its team has fostered a distinct track record for serving brands of all sizes. The firm’s specialty is in creating compelling outreach campaigns that drive fast customer acquisition for brands. With a history of big outcomes, 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing has enjoyed continued growth. Its reputation has led to repeat business and plenty of opportunities to partner with new brands. By embracing the firm’s core values, the team reliably promotes growth that far surpasses the competition.

Source: 4th Dimension Innovative Marketing