4Sync Introduces the "Comment Pins" Feature

4Sync Inc., the international data sync company, has officially launched a brand-new feature for service users - “4Sync Comment Pins.”

The new “4Sync Comment Pins” functionality allows users to “pin” their comments to a selected area of a shared graphic file (GIF, JPEG, PNG) at 4Sync in their desktop web-browser, without any extra software or application.

"Using "4Sync Comment Pins" it's easy to review and discuss projects in real time. All you need is just a valid 4Sync account, a computer with a web-browser and Internet connection!"

Irin Len, Head of PR

Unlike the standard options, the “4Sync Comment Pins” can be especially helpful in collaborative discussions, revisions of artwork, graphs, sketches, charts, clipart, photos or any other image files.

In particular, using “4Sync Comment Pins”, one can:

  • Suggest edits or highlight errors on images

  • Review product prototypes and iterations

  • Discuss data values in reports, etc.

The feature is available for all 4Sync users.

As I. Len, Head of PR, claimed, the introduction of “4Sync Comment Pins” is really a big deal.

“Of course, this is a huge upgrade. Just think about it: no more countless discussion threads with fix requirements and attached screens across email and messengers; no more delays or communication breakdowns," she explained.

About 4Sync:

4Sync is the international file synchronization service that enables users to keep their files in secure cloud storage and synchronize them effortlessly between all computers and mobile devices.

For more information, please visit the official 4Sync website.

Source: 4Sync

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