4biddenknowledge Inc. Celebrates the Newest Accomplishment of Its Director of Operations

Elisabeth Hoekstra has been awarded a certificate from Harvard after returning to formal studies of cell biology mitochondria

4biddenknoweldge is celebrating a new accomplishment of its Director of Operations, Elisabeth Hoekstra. Hoekstra is a lifetime student, with great success in multiple fields of study. Hoekstra studied business after leaving college, only to return to college to study culinary arts. Following that, she worked as a pastry chef under one of the top chefs in the country. A few years later, she passed her real estate exam. Within a year of obtaining her license, she set a new record for a client by opening the largest number of new offices in Michigan. She continues to study health and holistic wellness. 

Recently, she returned to formal studies of cell biology mitochondria at Harvard and has been awarded a certificate for her studies. Hoekstra is the host of the hit podcast series "Bio-Hack Your Best Life," during which she teaches listeners how they can "Hack" their own biology in order to optimize mental and physical health. The show is co-hosted by the CEO of 4biddenknowledge, Billy Carson. Together and with a variety of subject matter experts, they discuss a multitude of holistic modalities and the science and research behind them. Hoekstra also recently published her first book, The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness, a book loaded with information, references, and research regarding the modalities she teaches as well as her inspiring life story. Her newest achievement is sure to complement her current endeavors.

4biddenknowledge is a rapidly expanding, multi-faceted corporation with many business ventures, with the largest being a TV streaming network that provides educational and inspirational content. The company also offers a social media network, UniteThe99, with a premium dating group nestled within the platform. 4biddenknowledge recently released its first NFT entitled "Pantheon of the Gods." The 4bidden Coin, the company's own cryptocurrency, was also recently released. There is still time to purchase shares to raise capital to support continued business expansion. Visit 4biddenknowledge.com for more information on this opportunity.  

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