400% Increase in VPN Users Due to Football World Cup Online Streaming

Many leading VPNs including PureVPN have seen a massive surge in traffic and sales. While the VPN provider attributes the majority of increase to FIFA and the global football fan following, it has also reported a significant rise in queries related to the European Copyright Directive.

FIFA ’18 World Cup is in full flow and has already drawn billions of users to their screens. The upsets, surprises, fights, losses, wins, draws, and close-calls are taking viewers and football fans on an emotional roller-coaster.

To cater the sports-watching needs of billions of viewers, this year FIFA entered into contracts with over 120 streaming channels worldwide to stream every exciting minute of FIFA 2018 live in multiple languages. Even though the number of channels streaming the event has increased manifolds, almost every VPN provider has reported a surge in traffic and users. This is something unlikely for users to turn to VPNs to access their favorite channels since they should be easily available and accessible. It seems like people are ditching their TV sets in favor of smart devices for their sports-watching needs or are tired with geo-restrictions, censorships and other nuisances plaguing the internet.

PureVPN Reports Pure Joy

PureVPN has reported a massive surge in traffic, mainly from:

·         Australia
·         Canada
·         Germany
·         United Kingdom
·         United States
·         Spain
·         Japan
·         France
·         Mexico
·         Indonesia
·         Poland
·         Portugal
·         South Korea
·         Sweden
·         Brazil
·         Hong Kong
·         Thailand
·         Malaysia
·         Singapore
· ​        ​Egypt  

The FIFA Cup and Its Impact

PureVPN had, to some extent, anticipated an increase, owing to which the VPN provider had deployed 150 specially optimized servers for streaming, but the European Copyright Directive seems to have pushed the traffic and sales surge even further.

Entertainment & Privacy Go Hand in Hand

PureVPN has disclosed the following figures:

·         An increase of around 875% in traffic alone

·         Majority of the traffic originated from Europe.

·         Aggregated 370% increase in total sales

·         Live Chats increased by more than 168%, breaking the previous record of the maximum number of chats in a single day.

·         Almost 64% of chats were focused on online freedom and the European Copyright Directive

·         Streaming servers at 80% capacity

What Do These Figures Mean?

These figures by the provider make two things crystal clear:

1)      People love their right to internet freedom and will rightfully go to any lengths to reclaim their rights.

2)      More people than ever before are aware of laws and regulations aimed at limiting their access to content and controlling how they share the content of their choice. Any ordinance, act or law, regardless of how positively presented, will not win the hearts of the masses if it limits their freedom and bars them from voicing their criticism, positive or negative.

Source: VPNRanks